Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Right,so here I again,twice in one day - think that must be a record! Well,in any case am finding lack of access to free computer facilties rather draining on wallet and hard on the feet. Have just spent the last two hours visiting temp agencies and have a number of appointments for later in the week,which involve testing. Egads! Testing..but I've been so good at avoiding such tests..nowwill have to take crash course in Excel..I have used it but not in two years..unfortunately is not just like biking,where you never forget.

Oh,BTW - re: Comments - the issue of needing a sign-in code has been remedied,so I encourage you all to comment,although it should be noted that I am still using my email reguarly and for personal messages it may be better to reach me at my hotmail address, which you should know...