Friday, June 28, 2013

Be A Green Machine!

This past Tuesday was *almost* as exciting as my birthday. It was the first week of our 2013 CSA box with Jen & Derek's farm.  This is my third  season as a CSA member with the Campbells and I consider myself fortunate to be receiving their beautiful, organic vegetables throughout the summer months and into the fall. 

Being healthy has never been easier than with a CSA box full of goodies, but until I began my holistic nutrition studies I never appreciated just how chalk full of medicine each and every box is. As Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine said 'Let thy medicine be thy food, and let thy food be thy medicine.'

This year I will be looking at my CSA box with a whole new perspective.  Obviously we all know that veggies are good for us, it's been drilled into us since we were children. But that's such a broad, unspecific platitude that I think its significance is often lost on people. I think we would be well served to understand how specific foods are good for us. What powers of prevention or healing do various vegetables hold? Why should we be so concerned about 'getting our veggies'?  

I'm a big believer in the power of education.  I think that the more knowledge we have about a particular subject, the more willing and able we are to make informed and inspired choices about our lifestyle or behaviours. I want do my part in this regard by sharing some of the knowledge I am learning about food as it pertains to our health.  I will therefore be blogging weekly or more often during my CSA season about the nutritional benefits of various foods that are in my box.  I promise I will do my best to make each post enjoyable, readable and relevant!    Watch this space for a veggie-inspired post soon!