Saturday, February 09, 2008

Things are Happening..

Sooo..yeah, it's been awhile. I'd say I'm embarassed I haven't blogged in ages, but I'm not. I've been writing more in the past month then in the past year. It's merely that what I've been writing is not for public consumption. You see, I started this book called The Artist's Way - a definitive 12-week course-based book on recovering your creative self. Really, it's a book about discovering yourself, about being kind to yourself and letting creativity flow through you. In any case, I am now writing half hour every morning and also every night, along with numerous other 'tasks', which are really not painful tasks at all. I don't know that I can articulate what has transpired through doing this course, I just know that things are happening, changes are taking place internally and externally as a result of this book and my rather newly found dedication to setting goals. Yes, I daresay these two indulgences in leading life as I want to lead it have been extremely effective and rather therapeutic. I could write more on this, but I'm not going to.

Other news to relay: My 'secret' stopped working around the same time I wrote my last blog post. I am now back to Lifewise Stage 1 regimen - no red meat, eggs, cheese, sweets, etc. I'm going with the 80/20 on this though, because I've found being kind to myself is just as important as seeing the numbers go down. I am applying to grad schools, looking into teaching English in Korea and trying not to be too frustrated about the politics that played into a recent decision regarding a scholarship application that I worked many many hours on. January was a somewhat difficult month - nothing I want to communicate on this blog, but it was certainly full of emotive events. February, thusfar, has been v. interesting, as I'm working on many transformations and, in tandem with this, find myself in a new position at the School of Business. REally excited about the chance to do some more challenging and autonomous work!

OK, well I have't done my prescribed writing for the day, so I must get on that! I'll try to write something interesting next time I blog...