Monday, May 10, 2004

Noteable Notes

I've added a link to my on-line photo albums. I figured it would be much more practical to post pics on the web then lug my photo albums with me to Europe..besides I'd never meet weight restrictions with albums in my luggage (see below for extensive coverage of : Shandalous Suitcase Situation) There are a lot of people pics because, well, that is what I am going to miss most - my friends & family!!! I'll (hopefully) be adding to this photo album as adventures in Scotland check back on an irregular basis for updated pics.

I've also added links to the web logs of my lovely travelling companions: Keri & Jen. It should be interesting to compare posts from Scotland ..will be a veritable She Said, She Said, She Said!!!

Shandalous Suitcase Situation

So I'm moving to Scotland and somehow I'm supposed to pack up my life here in one suitcase/backpack that weighs 44 pounds or less (discount arinlinng at its best). Right, so I weigh my rather large suitcase ( could double as temporary accommodations if necessary) only to discover the damn thing weighs 15 pounds in itself...leaving me with a mere 29 pounds of clothes, toilettries, CDS, etc. This simply would not do, so I spend money I don't have to spare and get myself a duffel bag (with wheels and handle) Slightly more manageable in size and weighing in at 9 pounds I figure it will be perfect. Well...maybe I figured wrong because, despite the fact that my wardrobe consists of rather skimp tops and lots of dress pants (no heavy sweaters or jeans here!), I am quickly reaching the limit (in weight and patience). At this point I am thinking to myself - shouldn't our weight allowance for airplane include our actual body weight??I mean really..there could be as much as fifty pounds difference between me and the guy beside me on the plane, yet there is no allowance for balancing out that weight difference in the luggage area.

Yes, yes, it is getting to that point where I tend to start stressing about the little things..this is my ingenious way of trying (in vain) to ignore/put off the bigger and much more important things, like saying my goodbyes to family and friends :(
Saying teary farewells and preparing for the unknown - Not High on my Must Do list...would rather spend precious last days here quivelling (hope that is a word) over simpler problems like suitcase
weight and my own weight.

More Sappy Stuff & Detailed Review of Weekend
Last weekend on PEI was fabulouso. Pressured by Business faculty & staff, I finally broke down and agreed to attend School of Business Recepption on Friday evening. OK, admittedly, the promise of free food (incuding cake!) was the clincher here, but would have to say the shindig was thoroughly enjoyable...

Saturday = skipping graduation (no amount of pressure/enticing would have me agree to sitting in uncomfortable chairs and listening to boring speeches for 2 hours..not even the lure of reception w/food).

Following skippage of convocation I headed down to Keri's for celebratory dinner and discovered that there are definite benefits to having 3 older brothers & a cat ($$$). Maybe if I'd only been nicer to Smudgee while here he would have congratulated me on graduating and provided monetary gift like Sammy did for Ker-Ber :)

OK, I did it..I went to Peake's and paid the $8 cover charge. It was worth it because I ended up seeing so many people I would otherwise have missed, and thus been unable to invite to our leaving shindig tonite!!! Was a grand night, but kind of crazy when I realised that same time next week we'll be 5 time zones away and drinking the good stuff with Scots.

Sunday = Mother's Day! Missed the last two so had to make up for it this time by being an extra good daughter ( daya year can't hurt!)

So Where Does That Leave This Shanadian Now?

Will have to get back to you on that currently trying to avoid all thoughts about now, tomorrow and the foreseeable future....

Procrastinating...the only way to a tearless day

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