Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Things Worthy of Mention

If you are reading this blog (woohoo!) at random intervals in time it may behove you to read from the oldest post to the newest. Even given the best circumstances my posts tend to be a bit out of sequence they can be downright 'what the heck is she talking about?' (insert head scratch). So.. 2 thumbs up for ChRoNoLoGy!! To the right-hand side of the page are archived files from months past..

I just made another blog..what can I say, I'm a blogaholic! Actually this blog is, how do you say, not going to change, stagnant, will remain the same. It is simply an account of my Europe travels from October/November via emails that I wrote along the way. Blog post is in response to request (Joan!) and will serve as reminder to myself that I am going to do a lot more travelling while in Europe this time around..cause there's so much to see/do. Actually, Jen is extremely keen on going to Disney Paris (or whatever the heck its called)...ah the culture of it all... Ce'st La Vie!! the link to Training Europe is there, take a gander and if you're planning to travel Europe check out the travel links.

I officially have my Honours in Business Adminstration now!'s all over but the convocating. Officially (and unofficially I suppose) I am graduating again this year. Funnily enough, while I was quite disappointed to miss out on last years grad activities (I was in Dublin), I've absolutely no interest in taking part this time simply wouldn't be the same without Becky, Rae, COlin and the rest of the gang. Also, and I hate to admit this, I am feeling too old to partake in Grad Camping Night or Convocation Ball....23, almost a quarter a century. As for the actual ceremony..yep I'm skipping that too..I've surmised that I would prefer to spend my last Saturday on PEI doing other (i.e. more enjoyable things) such as Myrtle's Step Aerobics Class and last-minute shopping.

Things Not Really Worth Mentioning

I've got my International Driver's Permit, which means i am legally allowed to drive a motor car in the UK. Whether I am actually capable of doing so safely remains to be seen. At least I can drive a stickshift, which is more than can be said for a lot of people ...

So..with 7 days left in Canada I find myself facing a a bit of a dilmena. You see, on the other side of the Atlantic there are some things that are just a wee bit different. For instance - Peanut'd be hard-pressed to find PB that tastes anything like Kraft or Squirrell..the only kind that is easy to come by is the healthy stuff (100% peanuts). Oh, for those of you who didn't know..the second ingredient in most PB here is sugar or dextrose... And the Diet Pepsi tastes different. As for Light Italian dressing.I'm not even sure it exists.

So what is the dilemna?? Well, knowing that it will be quite a while before I can enjoy these treats again I am left to choose between overindulging in the days before I leave or beginning to wean myself off them now in anticpation of withdrawal symptons that are likely to come... Oh good grief who am I kidding? Is no dilemna..Overindulgence is the only way to go..will deal with the consequeces/withdrawal later

BTW- it should be noted that the UK is not without its own specialities/temptations..most noteably Linda McCartney veggie burgers, Pick & Mix candy (cola bottles galore over there!!) ,any/all forms of chocolate, and, quite frankly, a nightlife that rocks. Must concoct plan ot ensure I do not overindulge in any of these (well..maybe Linda's burgers..since they're healthy!!)

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