Friday, May 14, 2004

Well I guess I just can't keep away from blog even when it costs a bloody fortune and there are more pressing things I could be doing..but this is cheater's way of saying to everyone 'I Made it Safe & Mosstly Sound!!'

First Impressions..

All is familiar and I feel so comfortable in this city like returning to home away from home..will attribute this to stay in Dublin

I am going to have a fab body and killer calves by teh end of the summer..this city is filled with stairs and fact, even in our hostel its 77 (exactly) stairs from the street to the reception....climbing that was quite the achievement with 55 lbs luggage and after 24 hours with no sleep

I am going to have to brush up on my math skills..with the exchange rate hovering at 2.6 CAD to 1 GBP is essential to consider whether a £ 2 Hot Chocolate is really necessary and good value for money...Wil continue thinking in exchange rate terms until someone on street approaches me and offers a fantastic job with great pay and benefits !

Flat hunting = pain in the behind. Crazy restrictions here make it v. difficult for three individuals ot share a place..seriously..they won't even let a 3 bedroom flat/house to three unrelated people..Maybe Keri & I will be step-sisters...That being said, we may (and I am not counting eggs b4 they hatch), but we may have already found an awesome place..will know more in a few hours and keep y'all posted

K..well this is first attempt at doing blog on pay internet..can't run out of time so off I go..excuse typs and lack of comprehensible sentences...



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