Sunday, May 30, 2004

OK - first of all..what the heck is with Blogger? My blog keeps on coming up in the old orange template?? So confuzzled..hope no one else is!

SO..yesterday, after my bad luck began to turn to good luck (With discovery of free internet) I took a wander into Sainsbury's..which is a slightly overpriced grocery store..but the closest to home and if you get there at precisely the right time you can catch the stockboy marking down yummy foods (like Smarties cookies) and swipe them out from under his nose. there I was in Sainsbury's debating for the umpteenth time whether I should just take a leap of faith and buy the smooth PB...smooth PB with little speckles of dark brown in it. You see..over here..instead of adding loads of things to the icing sugar, they only add a bit of brown sugar cane and oils. Anyway, so dilemna was upon me...because tiny jar of PB cost 1.38 pounds...if I didn't like the PB would be huge waste of that could have been spent on Nutella or chocolate (just being quite good most of the time) or Diet Vanilla Coke. Ah..but I just had to try it..would always wonder otherwise. Was going to go for the reg. smooth PB, but then noticed the 'Light' version and, checking ingredient list, was ecstatic to see listed near the beginning 'glucose syrup'. Woohoo!! GOod 'ol 'lower in fat' tricks..they always have to add in sugar to replace PB ended up tasting quite like N.American style PB..a bit grainy, but tasty enough. So..PB emergency is over and I most certainly will not be blending up my own PB..I only tried that once in my life..with my sister's friend,Cathy, and it was so bad even the dog wouldn't go near it.

But, for my lovely sister, Sahra, who is visiting in October, no worries..I am certain I will find plenty of things for her to lug across to this side of the world :) I'll start a list soon enough, don't you worry :)

Tonite, Keri, Jen & I are going to quiz I'm sure it just won't be the same without Stats and Casey's venue, but we'll try our best..Jen has come up with v. appropriate team name 'Clueless Canadians'..and right so we are. Sorry, I'm just not up on my football and Coronation Street news. We need a few good Scots to join us..not to worry, I'm sure we can scope some out in upcoming weeks.. to prep for quiz night (prep includes eating, drinking and sense thrying to pretned we are smart or will have any of the answers...wish us luck anyway!)


Anonymous said...

Hi there Shannon. Uncle Mike here. I enjoy reading of your adventures. Sounds like a blast. Do you really want someone to mail you peanut butter? I can send you some if you'd like. What is your address?



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