Monday, June 07, 2004

How am I feeling today? Guilty. Why? Because I feel as though I've let my readers down by blowing off the blogging for the past week. Reading Becky R's blog only made it worse. Ay (translation ay/yes..but) you must understand, access to Internet is limited by availability of the following resources: Time & money. Unfortunately I've had very little of the either recently. But here I am with a little time (still no money, but good ol' library access...Happy days!!) so am going to attempt to recollect events of past week in v. Condensed, AA version (note..jen &n Keri have been writing in PG obviously if you want a bit more of the'll just have to visit All Shanadian) where did I leave off? Ah yes..the Weekend that Went All Wrong. Well, as it turns out..Sometimes the things you don't plan end up being the best . Take for instance our plan to do quiz night last Sunday at local bar on Rose St. called Breck's. Did we plan to amass a posse of Scottish males? I don't think so. Did we plan to get more Northern/Scottish Exposure in public house (read into that what you must) than any of us would wish upon ourselves? No way. Suffice to say, our quiz night never really happened and, with much incentive to leave Breck's and the v. sophisticated crew of lads that had started playing games with salt and butter knives at our table, we found ourselves back at good 'ol Filthy McNasty's.

And what did we find at Filthy McNasty's but men in kilts. Ay...if there was any chance I hadn't seen enough men in skirts during my life time..The score was certainly settled last Sunday. I danced with men in kilts, sang songs with men in was all just a bit too much for this Shanadian. Right, so Sunday evening turned out to be redeemer of the weekend...the 99p shots did help a lot..

My second weekend at Scottish Blood Transfusion..more interesting/exciting than the first..I'd graduated to using Excel and Peoplesoft!!! Woohoo!! In any case, had decided that if I was offered an extension I would turn it down, but luckliy enogh no extension was offered, so was looking forward to having this week off (note the apst tense there..see below for details). ANyways,am done with that bloody job now..onwards & upwards.

Tuesday eve,us gals decided to take in a picture (not from a store or an adoption type thing....a movie is what I am talking about). We went to see The Day After Tomorrow..and let me just say..if you are thinking about viewing this flick then that is when you should go see it..the day after tomorrow..because, theoretically that day will never arrive (because tomorrow will always becomes today for infinity right? ( Am I making any sense whatsoever?? Anyway, the short of it is that the movie is shite, despite the fact that I believe the basic premise (environmental awarenss) is v. important...

Thursday night was return to McNastys (really must send a pic from our watering hole now I believe..again..see below for more details). I can't really recall how the evening it may very well have been boring. Actually, I think it was quite so..we did some singing (if you could call it that) and some drinking. Note: Singing and drinknig go v. v. well encourages the other and vice versa.

Friday = On a Need to Know Basis...all I will say is that I broke promise to never drink Aftershock again..

Saturday = Caledonian Beer Fstival. Paid 7 pounds to get into beer festival and were given souvenir glass and pint of beer in return..must say, felt a bit gipped until we (the 3 gals) won ourselves a bottle of vanilla/citrus flavoured whisky. And how did we do that? By having awesome smelling abilties and scoring highest on smelling of pure essences test. Was truly a team effort :) Too bad none of us is keen on whisky, but we did get our pic with Robbo, the entrepreneur, and that was treat enough in itself!

Saturday night was Finnegan's Wake (Irish Bar) for return of the Mockingbirds. OK, by end of night it was official..we are now groupies..having had our picture taken on stage with the band for the second must be on alert when there are five Canadian girls in the house and a band with hot lead singer :)

Ooh..and last night Jen & I took in a History of Motown show which was straight from America. WAs fabulous, although could have done with less of main man (who was rather old ) grabbing himself like Michael Jackson . just wasn't right.

And, of course, to end off night we went to McNasty's, where I daresay I may actually be considered a regular now. Unanimously our fav pub in Edinburgh :)

Right,so here I am thinking I have the whole week off..when I get a call aroud lunch time from temp agency and I've been offered job that starts tomorrow..a six month contract. Is admin work at Scottish Equity Investment..apparently there are quite a few temps working there, so hopefully will be better social life than at Scottish Blood Transfusion where lunches were spent with supervisor and librarian discussing garden parties and Marie Curie Cancer events....Who knows? I may stay for the entirety of it, but I can quit whenever I want. I go to get my haircut. Yes..its only been three and a half weeks and already I have to shell money out on this damn style. And isnt it always the way that when you finally decide to do the deed you end up receiving all sorts of compliments on your hair? Ay....well, must be done.

Uncle Mike - if you are really offering to send PB ..well by all means. AS if you weren't my favorite uncle anyways..but now its in stone!!! My address is as follows:

Shannon Courtney
29 Drummond Place
Edinburgh, Scotland

AS for you emailers whom i haven't replied to yet..I apologise and make promise to do it v. soon. Especially high on priority list is Sister we must start planning October holiday soon!!!

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Shannon Courtney said...

egads..married!?!? When did that happen..why wasn't I invited :)

Please do send email, will respond..have a bit of an idea about what we can do...just a matter of funding it all.

I will need to know what dates i can book flights and such