Friday, June 18, 2004

HA. My life has officially been compared to a soap opera (see comment by U ncle Mike). What can I say? Goal in life has now been reached. Goodbye Coronation Street, hello All Shanadian! Truth be is more like an occassionally funny sitcom that only gets air time due to fabulous ensemble cast (ie. Jen,Keri & Shan)

Here's the job is so very mind-numbing thatI essentially spend seven hours of the day with my thoughts.NO one should be allowed to think that hazardous to health..particulary when one then engages in alcohol consumption and reveals thoughts in completely uncensored manner to other persons. OOh..surprise, surprise..Shannon once again follows up episode of inebriation with a good dose of sobriety and 'Whoops..what did I say/text/do?; AH well..that's life...what's the point of doesn't do anything but give one a complex.

In completely unrelated news..Jen & I took in another night at Filthy McNasty's last night. Vodka, whisky and shots of zambuka = good times, much 'dancing' and singing 'Ironic' in fine style. I think we've officially met all the bartenders there now..excpet maybe one girl, but she may be the girl that was replaced by 'D', Irish girl we met last night. In any case, we stayed after close which Jen thinks is so v. cool..and I'd tend to has its perks! OOh we also met a Scottish lad (this is a rarity on Rose St) He was v. cool dude, whom JEn & I think may fill the void that has existed since BC Brad left us :( one can replace Brad, but whatever (in absence of good way to finish that sentence I've opted to use Valley Girl 'whatever'..I apologise)

Just as a note for all those people who don't think I am practical or logical. Ahem...was just looking at my transcript a few nights ago (due to Jen wanting to see what one looked like..really) and would like to note that I did v. well in Philosophy 111 - Practical Logic thank you v. much. Just because one choses NOT to be practical/logical in all situations does not suggest a lack of ability to be so..that's all I am saying.

Hmm...on slightly serious note...I am disturbed by absolute lack of environmental concern on this side of the Atlantic. Absolutely no recycling programs in place and the amount of paper used in my workplace alone begs the question 'If a tree falls in the forest, will a new one grow up fast enoguh in its place to continue supplying demands of the commercial world in which we live?' sigh

Happy Father's Day to all fathers and like-fathers out there!! Wish I were home to celebrate and make meal (but only for the loving it too much to be homesick even an inkling!)

Hmm..looks like that is all my time for today. Will check in again as soon as possible. NOt a bad post for a gal working on 5 hours sleep and how knows how much of the good stuff in her system eh?


Anonymous said...


The PB was sent out today. I took the cheapest way possible, by mule train then it will be floated across the pond. Suppose to get there in 4-6 weeks!!

Hope all is well??

Shannon Courtney said...

Mules rock!! ALl is well...hope PB comes in 4 weeks as am moving out in next five weeks..although am sure Boris would hold PB for us..we may be moving back in to teh flat after August..when Edinurgh FEstival takes over city in big way

Becky said...

Shan we all know that you did well in Philosophy because you were in love with the creepy prof!

Glad to hear things are well there! Yes, I have replaced email with blog and yes, I am even doing a crap job at that. When in Christchurch...

Shannon Courtney said...

Hewas not/is not creepy!

Yes,you do suck. either real emails or add comment section to your own blog..or else..or elsewhatI don'tknow. I have nothing..ah well. Hope you are enjoying winter in NZ

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »