Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Right so here I am again, posting during lunch. Again, am consuming my roll & apple..consistent and healthy, what can I say? Actually we gals are going to the pictures tonight (note plural usage even though we are only seeing one film) so must save calories for theatre sweeties/.

In the way of eventful happenings over the past 36 hours I have basically nothing. The most exciting things I did were:

1. Bought a pair of jeans. This may not seem v. exciting to most, but those who know me well would be shocked..honestly can’t recall last time I pulled on a pair of normal, denim jeans. Jen was floored by sight of me in dress down clothes.Oh..and I was hot. It appears the hills of Edinburgh have been good to my behind.
2. Had two ice cold showers. Obviously not by choice, but by circumstance. We have no hot water at the mo..hopefully this will be fixed today. Brought back memories (fond?)of early days in N. Granville..before we had plumbing.
3. Went for jog w/Jen. OK..again not v. exciting, but I was blown away by fact that Jen could gather any energy to even leave the apartment again after spending Sunday night in bus from London and working full day. Officially we’ve determined Jen is person in flat who can getaway with least amount of sleep.

So..in absence of any ‘event news’ will ramble on about random thoughts that have bene flitting across my mind this morning.

AM presently reading a book called ‘Them’ by Jon Ronson..it is about adventures with extremists. V. interesting, but can’t say I understand it all..as is British based book so far..perhaps better stick to simplistic/comedic writings of Michael Moore. Speaking of which..his new film comes out this weekend..I urge everyone to go see Farhenheit 9/11..I am sure it will be an amazing..possibly disturbing..documentary.

While we are at it..Let’s Talk About Text (Right Said Fred in 21st century!). Texting..a blessing and a curse to every women who owns a mobile.For those of you that don’t know what texting is..it is basically like emailing but via mobiles. Of course, messages must be concise or one could spend all day typing away on keypad of phone. (as side note..I am apparently best texter, analyser & replier in the flat..by best I mean fastest…)

In any case..probs w/texting revolve around the following scenarios:

1.one sends out a text and doesnot recieve a response within expected period of time.One then spends copious amounts of time considering WHY??

2. one receives a text which could be decipheredany number of ways. Recievee then asks for others to help I deciphering and finds that, in fact, there aertoomany waystext could e translatedtobe sure of what sender was saying.

3.One decides to send text message while inebriated. Enough said

4.One sends text to wrong person. Text is about that person

Now..all of these problems w/texting could easily be avoided if one simply chose to have conversation via phone (as in two way, real time talk)…hmm..except maybe #3…BUT..texting has its pluses including: the fact that it is cheaper, the fact that it can be done from anywhere, avoidance of difficulty understanding accents, ability to send convoluted messages, ability to avoid certain topics of conversation..and the lists goes on. So, of course, the texter chooses to continue with this method of conversing. What can I say..is a vicious circle!

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