Friday, June 25, 2004

Ms Keri Anne Shields has been given fair warning to sleep with one eye open. How Sweet It Is (Is = Revenge) .For a millisecond I was actually flattered when she told me she’d posted a pretty picture of me on her webshots..then I considered the paradox of such a statement and realised she’d chosen (unwisely) to post Picture 138 of the 170 stored on her digital camera. Oh my dear Keri you do not know just how formidable an opponent I can be. When you least expect it….

OK..enough with the threats, will put into action soon enough don’t you worry Keri-Beri. See the prob with other people’s photo albums is that they are only concerned with whether THEY look good in pictures, thus others find rather unappealing pics of themselves posted on the Internet for all to see (with no consent). Sigh.. I can hear Carly Simon singing ‘You’re so Vain’ at this very moment… hmm..maybe that is a good song for next karaoke gig.

OK..I just visited Jen’s blog..her post today is very, well, scientific. The dynamics of our little threesome (don’t get any ideas) are really quite interesting:
2 attention-seekers/keeners (oh, come on know its true, no sense denying)
1 totally laid back/morbid chick (who should still be sleeping w/ one eye open)

There..that is the extent of my math abilities. Have been flexing numeric abilites (what ltd ones I have) at work, with bond calculations and adding up flexi-hours. 6 years of post-secondary study ..I try not to think about it..I try not to think at all.

Oh, but discovered today that lack of thinking required for job can, in fact, encourage flow of creative juices. Scott, another temp who I am supposed to be replacing but is oddly enough still here 3 weeks later, and I have been discussing (in-depth) possible entrepreneurial ventures…and I’ve actually come up w/some brilliant ideas (lack of humility here..apologies , but chance to use brain is minimal so may be overly excited about my thoughts) . So who knows..maybe this Shanadian will be selling her own wares/services in Edinburgh soon enough..stay tuned !

It is Finally Friday. Plans for weekend are essentially non-existent. We (flat girls) have vague plan to go flat-hunting tomorrow. I am pacifist, but desperate times (lack of hot water and end of lease) call for desperate measures. I’m not sure how successful we’ll be given that we’ve yet to call anyone or arrange any viewings. Tonight we are heading out on town with Scottish guy who fancies himself to be Elvis (this is dude who might replace BC Brad) and, hopefully, some other new our neighbours or Jen’s workmates (of course..JEN is completely responsible for recruitment drive this we shall see.In this case, quantity is more important than quality)

I think it advisable that we also start prepping for Canada day and go on our funnel search J BBQs galore next weekend..can’t wait!!!

Oh. and Tuesday is unofficially bake day at work so am now under pressure to create masterful dessert. On sidenote..they call all desserts Pudding over here. This, in my opinion, is just confuzzling. Say you are having pudding for dessert..then essentially you are having pudding forpudding. OR what if you are having cake…then you are having cake for pudding. Egads…. In any case, bake day can not be good for the slim figure (cough * cough) I am trying to develop.