Thursday, June 17, 2004

Have decided that I will start writing blog posts in Word then cut & Paste to blog…hopefully this will result in fewer spelling and grammar mistakes! I know there is spell check on blogger (can hear Becky R saying that as I type..but it doesn’t have half the words I use in the dictionary and they are simple words like ‘something’).

So it is my favorite day of the week. Why Thursday? You might ask(if you were really bored and had nothing better to spend your time thinking about).Well..Thursday is like the precursor to everything good (i.e.the weekend).Is point in time when you can create high expectations and imagine things turning out just as you wish ..hmm am getting de ja vu here..perhaps I have mentioned my affinity for Thursday before?

And don’t feel bad for me if you’ve read Jen’s blog and realised I am skipping out on London…my day will come..and I will be sure to avoid the 12 hour, overnight bus appealing as that is..

On happy happy joy joy note – finally got confirmation of address in Edinburgh so I can open a bank account. Having a bank account – not one of those things one spends their spare time wishing for..until you don’t have one. Believe me. So now I can join the gym, have money sent directly into my account and return to my debiting ways… la la

Tuesday night Jen, Keri & I went to a pub that has a magician on Tuesday nights. He was pretty cool..even though he didn’t have balloons as Keri suspected he would. He did promise that he’d bring balloons next time if we emailed to let him know of our arrival. We have to return anyway…or should I say..Keri has to return to the bar :)

Last night was even more exciting than the magic show..Jen & I went jogging in the rain, followed by grocery shopping in the rain..then having girl talk (not in the rain, but in comfort of kitchen)

Tonight I think we will be at Filthy’s for karaoke. Have just recently learned that there are McNasty’s all over..even in Canada. Personally think PEI could do with one..although quite sure the clientele could not live up to Edinburgh standards…


Anonymous said...

I am bored.

But agreed, a Filthys in Ch'town would never meet the standards of the Filthys in Edinburgh. Where would all the Irish people be? Exaaaactly.


Anonymous said...


Hey no Blog on Wednesday?? How can you miss a whole day? :-) This is like a soap opera and your audience gets upset if we miss even a single day of the action. PB will be sent out Friday!!