Saturday, May 15, 2004

That's going to join an Olympic hurdling team!!! Luck has been so very kind to us three Canadian gals....we were all slightly despondent by mid-morning yesterday as we had come to determine that the city of Edinburgh really does not want to make it easy for people to let was looking pretty bleak..But then we just happened upon an ad at the Uni for a 3 bed flat available until the end of June. Well to keep a short story short, we viewed the place last night and it was absolutley amazing - a huge Georgian townhouse with wooden floorboards, high ceilings, large windows and lots of character.The roms were massive and it was completely furnished, including telly. The best part - it is in New Town...only ten mins walk from Princes St. (city centre, only a two month lease and a wicked price. So we are signing the lease and moving in tonite!!! A few other hurdles have come our way in the past day, but we've jumped over them with ease...

Hmm..what else to say? Have discovered that getting a bank account is extremely difficult here....back to the cookie jar for me..this will of course require me to buy a jar of cookies/biscuits and empty it so I can create Shannon's Savings & Loan Jar. Mmmmmmm..biscuits. Ah, but I've been good and have thus far resisted all sinful edibles..sticking to bread and apples (no, really that is all I have eaten since getting here). Unfortunately, cannot make same claim with regards to absence from alcohol... last night went out with hostel people (not hostile..that would just be unfun) and had a pint of the good stuff. Is surprising how little tolerance I now have for the good stuff...ah well, will save money and that is grandd.

There is an interesting smell lingering over the city.... I remember it from the summer, but can't recall what its origin is. It is not a nasty smell, just an interesting one.

Oh..the weather has been spectacular..sunny and warm enough for just a tank we just lay out in the Royal Gardens beneath the Castle and soaked up the rays (ok..we may have discussed our poor financial states too, but most time was spent enjoying the sun and scenery)

Job hunt begins on Monday..people keep asking me what I am interested in doing 'Em ... something that pays well..that's my main criteria'. In any case, it seems getting a job is probably the easiest thing to do in Edinburgh..aside form drinking the night away at a pub :)

If anyone wants to keep me informed of American Idol results on weekly basis it would be much appreciated..can just drop a line in my Comments to let me know who got is an obsession and yes, I am slightly embarassed by addiction..please be understanding.

I really can't think clearly right writing on 11 hours of sleep since Wednesday morning....yeah...a little shut-eye would help. Tomorrow is big day..going up Arthur's Seat with Irish bloke from hostel and then we are hosting a house warming party tomorrow night..nothing fancy just a few people from the hostel and a couple of Smirnoffs to keep us in spirits!

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