Saturday, May 29, 2004 maybe my luck is changing (note to reader: read the post below this one first....chronology is sooooo important) its been about half an hour sing I left the 'easy' net cafe, which ate my money..this following on mutliple frustrations of the was kind of in a cloud of blue and ready to just call it a day, but then I said to myself 'Only you (that's me) can cheer yourself up, don't let the frustrations of the day get to you'. SO, with that thought in my mind, I decided to visit Tourist Information centre to check out some brochures and determine whether it is feasible for us gals to rent a car and drive to the country some weekend(Note: Keri & Jen have both assured me that they are willing to risk their lives..i.e.let me drive them around). what do I discover when I get to TOurist INfo Centre?? Free Internet !!!!

So here I am again...with nothing else to do until Keri & Jen get back from their zoo trip (I just couldn't go - something about zoos that makes me a bit queasy..even though I love animals....its the cages and seeing them out of context that gets to me a bit..Penguins in Scotland).

Will use time to plead with readers, poll readers and tell story of harrowing experience in Edinburgh nightscene.

Plead with Readers

Peanut Butter Withdrawal - I am suffering it majorly..have resorted to eating roasted, salted peanuts in absence of PB..but this is most likely to have long term, negative effects on weight. Salted peanuts, as it turns out, are addictive and it is hard to stop eating them once one has started.

Therefore, I plead with you (actually..mostly with MOM) to send me a jar of PB..any ol jar will do..just so long as it is Smooth. I will be forever indebted to anyone that feels my pain and responds with delivery of PB. If you need addy/money, please let me more than willing to pay premium for my PB

Email Withdrawal - I've covered this before, but just a reminder that us bloggers still like to get emails.,.and a big thank you to those that are emailing. IT is nice to get something in the only contact with friends/family..due to lack of call shops. Also..apologies if I don't always write back, I am trying!!

Poll of Readers

I have a dilemna..I need opinions. Before I left Canada I was visiting the gym 6 days per week and felt great for exercising and being in monthly fee was only $30, and there was no contract or joining fee.

NOw that I am here, I want to make sure I don't become a blimp (again), so am keen to keep up the gym deal I have found involves paying $130 upfront to join, then about $65 per month to continue, for minimum of 3 months.

taking into account the fact that I have less routine life here (i.e traveling, lots of nights out) I am not even sure I'd get to the gym much. I've been walking lots and lots since I got here and that seems OK, but is it enough?

Want advice - should I join gym??

Harrowing experience of Edinburgh nightlife

OK, actually has nothing to do with clubbing or [ has to do with my feet, which were causing me excruciating pain last night. WHy? I don't know, but my baby toe was in soooo much pain. Actually, this same pain hit me twice just before I left Canada..both times after I was at the gym. Of course I ignored it, but now am regretting that I did not visit doctor. So..with toe in such pain, I walked home from the bar last night in my sock feet..not that it helped a whole lot (good ol cobblestone..the support (literally) of Keri & Jen helped much more.

My question is Why? Why the pain? I am not one of those girls that wears stilettos and is begging for foot problems (and believe me, there are an abundance of them here..they often pair up the stilettos with a mini skirt and straight razor-cut hair...look-alikes everywhere) . I have been wearing my sneakers 90% of the time, and practical clog-type shoes the rest of the ballet slippers or flip-fops for me. I've been supporting my feet, so why aren't they supporting me?

OK..that's enough..must get back to the ranch.

Cheerios & Milk

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that would be awfully expensive PB maybe there is an alternative. Eventually you could get use to being without PB. Or... if you can buy plain roasted peanuts in bulk and invest in a small blender you could make your own. I used to do it back in the olden days. You can just add in a bit of oil, salt, sugar etc to get the flavor you want once you have the peanuts ground up. Give it some thought.

Do you have an ingrown toenail? Could be causing the pain or possibly a corn on the outside of the little toe? If it has a hard bump there that is it. Should be able to buy bandage type things that you wear and they slowly dissolve the corn

I'll try to e-mail you later this weekend

Love Mom