Friday, May 21, 2004

Ho Hum Ho Hum, it's off to work I go... (insert whistling followed by cheers).

Yes, so following in two absolutey gruelling days of poounding the pavement and going through battery of tests on MS Word, spelling ability (honourary or honorary...egads!!),typing (58 WPM!!) and data entry skills, I've landed meself a career...

For the foreseeable future (i.e. next week)I will be gainfully employed with Scottish Blood Transfusion. For a fleeting moment I considered the possibility that you do indeed have to give blood to get a job in this city, but,as it turns out,I'll be doling out my skills in the HR department. Work starts on Tuesday, so will be making the most of this weekend (i.e. clubbing, pubbin, etc.) . Keri also landed a job through the same agency with a I guess technically we're both health care workers now!

OK - so what else is new..other than the brilliant new career path in blood exchange. Hmm..well today, the three of us gals took in a free Indian lunch at one of the temp agencies we are registered with..they offer this every Friday..good way to meet people..better way to save money and load up on sinful foods w/o feeling guilty (because free food is clearly calorie free). Speaking of free food..have discovered that Princes Street is great place to grab lunch from smapl tables..Marks& Spencer, tourist shops.

Also speaking of food ( noticing slighlty obsessive tendency to 'spek of food'..I do apologise). Yes,well..the kitchen in our flat is of questionable quality,and I believe my meals will consist of past or veggie burgers..taht is all. No way I am going to be able to create gourmet dinners or do any baking.Why not? you might enquire.Well..because the oven doesn't have degree hasadial that goes from 1 - how in the world am I to know what the temperature is?? Ah well, is for the best..will keep me slimmish!

We've also had our first overnight guest from Canada - he is a friend of one of the girl's up in Aberdeen.Actualy, he called KEri out of hte blue and just asked if he could stay with us,which was a bit odd, but very Canadian-like. Of course we had to scope him out first and makesure he wasn't one of those Crazy Canadians (possiblity of this was high.considering he was from the WEst Coast), but asit turns out he is very sound, so he's hanging out at the flat. As payment for accommodations teh girls dragged him off to Karaoke last night,where I am told they did a fabulous rendition of Ballroom Blitz (fabulous, in this case means'absolutey drunken and with no inhibitions whatoever we got up on stage and screamed out some lyrics that may have belonged in that song'.

Oooh...more differences from this side of the Atlantic (I'm sorry...I love bullet points..even though I actually haven't been able to figure out how to insert them sowill have to use asteriks)

* Half-two instead of two-thirty
* Washing machines are front loading and extremely complicated to operate..Jen & I put our clothes through the wash three times yesterday because the door refused to open and every timewe puled the handle it started on a new cycle...
* No gas stations in the downtown area..oh BTW - priceof gasoline over here is 1 pound..or $2.50per litre..Crazy!!!!
*They ahve tonnes of lovely gardens which would be great for jogging in,.savefor the factthat they are locked and you have to be rich/resident of area to have akey.Actually there is one just across the street fromus,but we are too common/poor to put a deposit on the key from our landlords

Oh..sorry..must run, we have a meeting with temp agency for details on our new careers.

Thanks for all the comments..hope I am keeping y'allamused & informed..but I want to hear from you too!!


PS - just reposted link to my photo pics from Scotland..but once the girls download from their sophisticated digital phots will try to upload some.


Rebecca said...

Ahem? What this about the questionable quality of people from the West Coast? I have it on very good authority that people from the West Coast are of excellent character and disposition. ;)

Anonymous said...

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