Monday, May 17, 2004

Well here I am back at the EasyNet cafe (yeah..easy to lose pounds of sterling) trying to write something brilliant...see things always come to me at the most inconvenient times (I.e. when there is no internet in sight), but by time I get in front of screen mny mind goes bear with me as I ramble on about our first weekend in Edinburgh.

Moving Night

Not a whole lot to say about teh actual moving process involved strapping one 44 lb backpack on my shoulders nad the other 12 lb one around my front...was a fun walkdownt he hostel's 77 steps.

Jen & I signed the lease..we were very business-like about it, read each and every line and actually asked the landlady to omit one term/condition...which she did (about paying phone bills)

Right, so we won't be having a landline in the flat..anyone who was counting on acall from Scotland will be waiting till the sheep come home, cause it just isn't happening. Unfortunately, unlike in Ireland there are not call shops on every fact there are no call shops at home, thus making it near impossible to make cheap calls home until I have access to a landline ( this is top prioity when seeking job: Will I have access to email and telephone so can spend my hours making personal calls and sending out meaningless emails?)

I know I already raved on about the flat we got..but I just can't believe how lucky we were. The place is amazing..I have a KING sized bed and there's tonnes of floor space left, plus three wardrobey type things. The view from the window is beautiful, looking out over the city and I can see the water (is it a sea, bay, ocean..I haven't quite figured that one out yet..geography was never my strong point). ANd having two fab flatmates makes it sooooo fun!!!

Anywho, so the most..erm..interesting thing that we've discovered so far with regards to flat is that we have a gas stove. None of us had a clue how to use the thing and I was having visions of someone's hair (likely mine what with the hair product usage) going up in flame. We called the landlord for directions and then, with the fire extinguisher close at hand, I lit a match and threw it in the back of the oven. Ta Da! Another hurdle problemo. Well..actually Linda McCartney's veggie burgers don't taste quite as good in gas stove..but they'll do. Now for the grill..our alternative toaster..that would be fun to figure out!

Blah Blah Black Sheep..Have You Any Wool?

Speaking of burnt things..I am as red as a lobster today. Sunday was spent climbing many Edinburgh things..did I mention these people like to climb? Steps, hills, anything and everything. So myself and Irish lad from hostel (I love hostels for meeting people) climbed the Scottish Monument (get a guide book..I don't have time to explain what it is..precious minutes). Fabulous view. From there we walked to the top of Arthur's Seat..which is this hill/mountain just at the edge of the city..I can't really explain what it looks like, but the view from the top is absolutely breathtaking..and climbing up it takes your breath away. Will be good exercise and am already planning a weekly jaunt up.. I was at the top for a rather long time..lyining the grass with only tank top (and pants) on, not even thinking about the UV rays. Am paying for it today big time.

Today was supposed to be first day of job hunting, but this was postponed until tomorrow for a number of reasons... (the dots here indicate that I have chosen not to disclose reasons.they could be boring or interesting..but only by emailing me will you get the whole shebang). Anyway, for some reason I am pretty sure we'll have no problem getting good jobs...Why so confident you might ask? Well...actually I have nothing to back up this maybe if you all crossed your fingers..especially those that might benefit from me becoming high-paying career woman :)

Biggest disappointment of the weekend was discovery that Shrek 2 wasn't released here on the weekend...Who knows when it will get here? (yes, that is question..if anyone knows perhaps they could fill me in...ahem..rhymes with Havin) is not that big of a disappointment, which suggest that life is grand and I am happy as a sheep!!

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