Saturday, May 29, 2004

Did you ever have one of those days? Those days when absolutely nothing goes right and you start actually looking forward to the end of the day and bed? one of those days....won't go into the boring details of it all, but suffice to say I think it absurd how the banks here demand so much from new customers before a bank account can be opened...and Easy Net Cafe vending machines bite.

OK..enough ranting, has been 4 days since I've been able to get on the Internet and have been experiencing withdrawal symptoms (they have not been eased by checking my hotmail account..ahem..people come all know I am email addict....feed the addcition. can send me candy/chocolate to feed my other addiction) what's the news of the week. Well..let's start with the boring - My Job at Scottish Blood Transfusion (Protein Fractionation Centre). After four days fo filing. general admin and trying to look busy while doing absolutely nothing, I've come to conclusion that my brain does not funciton below a minimal demand for thinking. Thus, i am completely spaced out and feel rather stupid/incompetent at teh whole filing/data entry thing. To say I am bored at work would be an understatement, but to say I don't need the money would be an outright lie. And so..real life begins..where one inds one's self in a job that holds no appealk, but succumbs to promise of pay cheque in return for hours of Office Space. ON positive note - only one more week on contract. After that I plan to take a week off, find a decently challenging job, catch up on sleep and do a bit of travelling...that is why temp work is so appealing. us gals went to see Troy this week. First of all, must say it rocks being a 'student'..$5.00 CAD off admission just for being poor, starving student. with regards to Troy....hahahahaha. That is really all I can say. Brad Pitt just can't be Achilles..he is BRad Pitt...with smouldering good looks and blond highlights. Authenticity was not high on priority many blon haired Greeks were there back then? And then there were the blue-eyed men and the fair-skinned ladies.

Thursday = Ghost & Ghouls tour, where we got to visit the Vaults under Edinburgh..where all the ghosts hang out in hopes of scaring the bejesus out of people like, well, Keri..who Jen & I have discovered is rather morbid (her idea of a good night out involves visitng a local graveyard)Anyway, tour was interesting enough...the Scots sure did enjoy their torture and blood! But did I feel a tug on my coat or a breath down my neck? Nope...just a wee bit poorer ...Followed that up with Karaoke at Belushi's but was disappointed to discover that karaoke lady had her favorites and we were clearly not amongst them..guess she wanted people who could actually carry a note. SO..sadly, no chance to sing Summer of '69.

Friday = another try at the ol Karaoke...return to Filthy McNAsty's..again, we are shafted and only get ot sing one song...which no one can hear because the microphones aren't working. OOh..but highlihgt of night was precursor to McNasty's, when Keri & Jen decided to buy a beer each at the local grocery store and drink in the streets...just because you can here (legally). There were more than a few stares as we walked down Rose St...perhaps b/c it is tourist haven...or, more likely, due to Jen's shortish orange skirt....

Today = blah, blah and more blah. Just one of those days.

So, on that happy note, must ta ta for now..will right again on cheery note when next I get a chance!