Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Argh! Why...after four perfectly blissful months of blogging with absolutely no problems whatsoever do I now have to encounter difficulties when every minute is costing me pence (i.e. taking away from my Curly Wurly savings)??? Anyway..I hope all of you are seeing my new template..I liked the orange one, but, alas, it was causing me grief!

Right, so I guess I should also note that I've discovered a place with free Internet..its this little anomaly called the Central Library! All you have to do is pop in with your card and they send you to one of the 15 EasyNet Cafe and £1 per 30 min rates. That being said, I am now going to return to my email-addict ways and expect all of you reading this blog to support my addiction as much as possible. I know sometimes it seems OK to just read this blog and let that be that,!! I want to know how life is in all corners of the world.Plus, as noted previously..I am not including ALL details in my blog..some are just not fit toprintt in such an arena, so if you want the real lowdown (andIi know you do!) me at:

Alternatively you can send me a lovely snail mail letter, postcard, birthday card, money (preferably in Pound Sterling), Skippy Peanut Butter, Skittles (I ate most of JEn's and am feeling guilty), etc. at my new home address:

29 Drummond Place
Edinburgh Scotland

Iwasn'tt going to post this, due to concerns re: privacy, however Keri already published it on her blog...and considering the crowds she associates with, I can't see the harm in posting it here :)

OK, so in Mega-Xerox method ..will follow Jen's lead and make bullet point post about life in Edinburgh (so far)..the little differences and the big differences.

Little Differences

* Eggs are not refrigerated at the grocery stores..they sit out on the shelves
* English muffins are simply called white muffins
* At traffic lights..instead of the logical Red, Green, Amber sequence,the Scots use the alternative Red, Amber Green sequence..yes, so drivers are cautioned that they will soon be able to accelerate and hit some poor Canadian girl who is simultaneously trying to text on her mobile phone and is checking for traffic in the opposite direction
* Tax is included in everything, eliminating need for use math skill s(woohoo), but making everything appear more expensive
* Money..especially coins..are confusing, both in size and denominations. No 25 cent piece..and the ten pence is massive, while the 20 p is much smaller
* Cold and hot water come out of different taps..actually in our case..boiling hot water seems to be only thing coming from showerhead..lovely on a sunburn!

Big Differences
* Almost impossible to get a bank account without giving blood
* Massive number of temp agencies..appears to be a primary way of securing job
* Very, very international city..have I met any Scottishpeoplel yet? I don't know..can't distinguish between the accents
* Males..that is all I am saying at the moment
* Everything..and I mean everything is more expensive..even when you factor in wage differences. This means I will have to resort to a budget (blah!)..oh, and get a job I suppose

So, in short - Edinburgh is far the only kind ofpeoplel we'veencounteredd have been the super friendly and kind ones!Thee weatherhase been extraordinary..I can't believe it is May!

On that note, am off to find a job and maybe treat myself to Curly Wurly, having saved money by using free Internet (I love Shannon-logic)


Jen said...

Dear Shannon:

It's time we get serious. About what, I do not know. Serious about...?? I don't know. But Keri and I have a new dance to teach you. We came up with it on the way home from The Last Drop last night. I think I will call it... La Dance.


Rebecca said...

Hi - I like the new template very much! Hawaiian girl got knock off Idol last night ... just Diana and Fantasia left! I laughed at your Blog! It was great! It's like the French don't call them French fries, why would the English call them English muffins?

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