Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Today is pancake day...aka Trove Tuesday. I have yet to indulge myself and the chance of doing so before the day is out is quite slim. I will substitute candy for pancakes -tehy make a much more practical treat ot have at teh cinema don't they? A bag of pick & mix canDy or a plate of pancakes soaked in maple syrup?

Right, so it would seem I missed posting Weekend Review yesterday. This is becuase I was on an Induction course. Yep, only 7 months after I start working here I get introduced to who it is I am really working for and what I can get at the restaurant for less than 50 p (soup, a hot dessert, a roll, a can of pop, etc.). Yah. It was very exciting. It did not, howver, compare to my 3-day induction at AIB where we were taken out for lunch every day and played games in which the winner got a stuffed animal. I accumulated 3 stuffed animals - apparently I am good at thinking outside the box and solving brain teasers, but suck at details like 'What country has a currency called the Rand?'

Anyways, as for the weekend:

Saturday evening I headed out with Anne for a ceilidh. Teh ceilidh was in support of cricket team, on whom one of our friends )OK, I'd only met him once before really) played. Brad brought along two of his fellow country people - so it was 3 Aussies & two Canadians - we were all wearing skirts. The ceilidh was fantastic- it took place in an old gym. The band was a sight in itself - all older people, the keyboardist was definitely on a pension and looked rather adorable. Amongst the dances that were calle out was a Canadian Barn Dance (yes, yes that is just how we aer seen over here - all igloos and barns, I swear). Anyway, it was like no dance I had ever done in Canada, but was good fun anyways! Half way through the evening they took a break and fed everyone Stovies ( a plate of potatoes, corned beef & sausage in a white gravy..it was better to the taste than it was to the eye). Anne and I may have helped ourselves to seconds of the Vegetarian Curry. Well, we had been doing so much dancing, definitely compenstated for calories we were consuming!

Afterwards we went ot Drop Kick Murphy's - our new regular bar. I may have had a bit too much wine by this point, but in any case, the rest of the night was enjoyable. There is a slight chance I may have been seeking and getting quite a bit of attention. In an unrelated note, the guy I had went on a date with Wednesday was also there (in a kilt!). I have a feeling he will not be calling me again. Oops. Ah well - ke sera sera. I think I do things for a reason, even if I try to convince myself that is not the case.

Sunday afternoon, Jen & I went to the Festival Theatre to watch a show in celebration of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rooster by the way). It was like a vairtey show, with kids and adults performing songs, dances and the such. The best, however, were the shows put on by the acrobatic team including - barrel acrobatics, hoop diving, clay pot balancing and hand to hand balancing. Absoltuely amazing - I can't even describe it.

Sunday night was just a relaxing night in. Watched the Virgin Suicides. Hmm..not exactly uplifting. Will try to think of some movie recs for those who have requeted it (aka Mom), bt if anyone else has movie recommendations please put them in the comments box. Maybe I'll compile a list or something, because I am just that ambitious (no, acutally because I like lists, they make the world easier to understand, but not people)

Tonight I am going to see Ray (finally), with my bag of Pick & Mix, oh and some friends.


Anonymous said...

Trove Tuesday? sounds nice but I believe today is Shrove Tuesday. Something to do with absolving oneself of sin and I believe tomorrow is ash Wednesday start of lent. ie. give up something you enjoy (alot) from now until Easter Sunday I think. I think the pancake part is related to using up certain foodstuffs like eggs and butter that may have been traditionally abstained from over lent. :-)

Love, Ma

Anonymous said...

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