Friday, February 04, 2005

OK, so what is new? Nada nada nada. But its Friday!! Yah!!

I am in love - with this book I have mentioned before 'He's Just Not That Into You'. Even though I only read it a month ago it has already saved me loads of time/thinking/worrying and surprisingly enough, increased my self-confidence and assurance that I like who I am and, well, screw it if someone else doesn't. That is their problem.

The best use I have had for advice from the book came one Saturday evening when I ran into a certain someone who I *may* have dated back in the summer. He was, as per ususal, enjoying a few bevies and trying to convince me not to leave with my flatmates from the bar we were at. Well, I left anyways and then he rang my mobile and was begging me to come back and I said ' Look, if you think I'm that much of a catch you can call me when you're sober'. And hung up. THat was empowering. And, of course, he didn't call. And, completely surprising, I really didn't care - one bit. I choose for the future to be treated well and respected all of the time - not just sometimes. And if someone can't get it together, well then, no matter what his reason, he clearly is not into me (it is the same thing if he is not that into himself because the result is the me, I know) .

Anyways, I am using this strategy for the future, cause my lack of strategy caused graet deal of pain in in horrible segway..

I had pivotal 2nd date on Wednesday. For me, it is second date that usually determines whether there is anything worth pursuing. In this case, the answer is yes. Watch for more in the future.

Last night I watched a documentary called 'The Real Da Vinci Code' which basically explored the main historical facts purported in Dan Brown's bestseller and , essentially, dismissed almost all of them. THere is no Priory of Sion, there were no Cathar Nights, etc. The only real issue it did not completely dismiss related to Mary Magdalene.

Well, it wasn't exactly surprising that all the info was dismissed, but in the end I really don't think it matters a whole lot one way or the other - people will believe what they want to believe and this does not change history, but it may change our interpretation of history. If, indeed, people want to believe what is in Brown's book then maybe that is an indicator of what we don't want to believe, rather than what we really want to believe. Am i making sense? What I mean is, maybe we don't want to believe what has been dictated for 2,000 years, so maybe we are willing ot grasp onto any other theory that comes across as plausible.

I just finished reading the Celestine Prophecy. I don't know what to think of it. TO be honest, I didn't find it that intriguing, as a fictional piece. I felt the author was trying to follow in the footsteps of Daniel Quinn, who wrote Ishmael, by writing a novel to express his beliefs about spirituality. THe difference is that Ishmael had a voice, The Celestine Prophecy didn't. I finished that book with the feeling that I knew no more about the main character and his purpose than when I started the book and the attempt to create intrigue and a fast moving plot was not a great success. That being said, I thoroughly enojyed the concepts presented within the novel. Amazing stuff to ponder, I just think it could have been presented in a better format. So, in the end I do recommend reading it, just be aware that its main purpose is to communicate some extraordinary insights.

Wow - i am babbling - must go lunch is over!!


Anonymous said...

re: scatterbrained
48 not 47 but!... understandable mistake

Love Maude but am still waiting for the BIG glass!

Part about Scandinavians etc on back as entertaining as the rest

Thanks........Mystery writer

Anonymous said...

Lol, there was a plot etc in the Clestine Prophecy?! Who knew, I only saw the "Celestine Insights" that the author was present to the reader. That being said, I may just buy myself a copy to read again. Ishmael and Celestine Prophecy were published within a year of eachother, so I don't thing any footsteps were being followed, rather two people walking in a similar direction from different places.