Monday, February 21, 2005

Weekend Review:

Where did I leave you? Oh that's right - on a gorgeous, sunny Friday that I had off- as in NO WORK and ALL PLAY!! So, Friday continued to be thoroughly enjoyable day of doing nothing int eh sunshine save for the bloody HAILSTORM we had mid-afternoon. I had just left the flat to head uptown when hard balls of white stuff started pelleting meand, more precisely, doing a number on my already-way-disturbing hair'style'.So I ran back to the flat in my heels (see following sidenote) to get brollie and then carried on with spending money on my day off. How fun is that!

Sidenote: I've taken to wearing heeled boots in attempt to look slightly less like gym-rat/tourist and more like posh local girl. Unfortunately or fortunatley, depending on your perspective, no matter what I do with my wardrobe I wil never look like Edinburgh girl becaseu my hair will never ever be so flat it only has one side - nor will it EVER be a mullet - on purpose anyways - please tel me if it efver does look like a mullet. Please.

Right, so the evening was spent hanging out with friends and heading to the cinema. I wanted to see 'In Good Company' with Topher Grace (from that 70's Show) I won't say anything about the movie b/c it didn't strike me as being amazing/brilliant or horribly bad, so don't want ot bias any potential viewers. I will note, however, that Dennis Quaid, played a leading role as Mr Foreman opposite Topher Grace, whose best known for his role as Eric Foreman in That 70's Show. Oh dear, am I becoming a movie nerd or just a detail oriented person?? Either is a scary prospect (just kidding to all movie nerds - I heart you Jen and all detail-oriented people - I heart you Rae)

Saturday I decided not to do O/T in the morning. I slept instead. Was it worth the £50 I could have made working. Probably not. I apparently suck at making logical choices. Oops.

In the afternoon I went shopping with Keri, as she wanted to buy some apparel at La Senza. OK, so it turns out I have officially become a trend-setter in regards to make-up and certain items of fashion amongst our small group of friends. Now, don't get me wrong, am not blowing my own horn- is just that I find it hilarious because I have never considered myself a girly girl, but apparently I fit the bill best amongst our circle of friends. Now, all of a sudden Anne is wearing lipstick and I put Lisianne in makeup for the first time ever on Saturday night. And, when we went to the Irish bar, I ended up doing some girl's makeup in teh bathroom because she complimented me on mine. Hahahaha. OK - sorry but I find it funny.

Anyways, OK so as if the make-up isn't enough, I think I should proabbly be working on commission for Ann Summers or La Senza because this weekend three of my friends went out on the hunt for garter belts, following on my suggestion that they are more comfortable than tights/hose and, perhaps, on seeing admiration that such apparel can recieve from opposite sex.

Right, so after shopping with Keri-Beri, I headed to the gym for a workout and then forced myself to sit in the hot-tub and steam room. Saturday night we had a few gals over (including really cool American) and drank wine. We then proceeded to go out on the town. I have never encountered so many Irish lads as I did on Saturday (save for those 6 months in Ireland). Of course we were at Irish bars all night..maybe that explains it! Anyways, I ended up getting a cab home at around three in the morning. An hour later I heard Keri climbing the stairs (with LIsianne in toe) and opened the door to find her standing there hugging a giant slighlty-worse-for-wear pylon. She then proceeded to make her way from the hallway to the living room, but kind of collapsed at the doorway. According to Jen, Keri later decided to check out the sprawling conditions of the kitchen doorway. Suffice to say a fun night was had by all.

Anyways, Sunday was recovery day, seeing as how I'd only slept 3 -4 hours the night before. I am getting too old for that I think.

Went for a jog with Anne and that was the extent of my productivity yesterday.

OOoh - but I did discover the most amazing video store only a 5 minute walk away from our place. IT is really different. Instead of seeing walls of DVDs they have screens, where you can scroll through the selections and read the captions on the back of the movie. When you've selected your movie you go to another machine (Robot 1 or Robot 2), swipe you card and the movie automatically comes out. You can top up your card at a machine. Basically teh set-up allows for you to get a movie without any human interaction, thus allowing it to be available 24 hours a day. And the best partis that if you return the film within 6 hours of renting it only costs 99 pence!! What a smart business idea!! I am hooked. Will be renting a lot more movies now!!

K - gotta run, lunch is over. Hope to hear from you people (you know who you are - basically everyone) soon! BeckyRogers - you are on my Most Want To Hear From list for obvious reasons - like you moving to the UK!!!!!!!!!!


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