Saturday, February 05, 2005

K - so I am spending my Saturday afternoon at an Internet cafe, but am using my laptop so is not so bad EXCEPT there are a group of people sitting far enough away - I think they are new to the country. There is one dude, however, who is definitely from here and he is LOUD. He is sooo loud. And he has been dominating conversation for the last hour and everything that comes out of his mouth is blah! You can tell he gets complete enjoyment out of being the most knowledgeable in the group - about Edinburgh anyways - he has a captive audience for his mediocre anecdotes and easily accessible knowledge (just visit any tourist info center). Sigh.

OK - random notes about things I forgot to mention earlier in the week/month:

I saw Sean Connery walking down Princes Street. I swear. I don't care if anyone believes me, I know what I saw.

God- that guy never shuts up and as a result, I cannot recall the other things I was going to say...

I spent the last hour looking for flights to Vasteras, Sweden. I was looking for cheap flights. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much in the super cheap range - I have to fly to London on EasyJet then take a RyanAir flight from there. I've narrowed it down to two choices - leave here on a Wednesday night, sleep in the airport and take off super early on Thursday morning, return on Tuesday OR fly out of here Thursday morning and arrive in Sweden rather late Thursday evening, leave same time Tuesday. The price differential is only about 10 pounds. I think I will take the Wednesday night option so I can have more time in Sweden. Now I only hope Natasha is there to take me in or I could come back very poor

Oh, oh I just remembered other crazy thing I was going to relate.

So, I was on the bus going home Wednesday and noticed this dude with a big backpack get on. Obviously a traveler. Me, being curious, decided to peek at his pack as I was making my way to front of bus to get off. Canadian flag patch was there. In strange moment of shyness I chose not to say anything, but did turn towards him so he could see the Canadian flag embroidered on my Roots backpack. Bait was taken. He asked where I was from. I said 'Prince Edward Island', because some people don't know where 'Peee I' is. And he says 'No Way'. Me, being slightly slow, took this as him being v impressed with fact he has met an Islander, us being such a rare breed. So, I am a bit taken aback when I ask where he is from and he says 'Charlottetown'. I should have known, the minute he spoke I thought he seemed familiar, but its just the accent that was familiar - an Island boy. He had only arrived on Saturday with his fiance and they are here for three months. We did the 'do you know' and of course came up with a common name - Miss Kelly Coffin. Crazy. Serendipity...Or is it Synchronocity.

And to my sister - that was my point in failed attempt at a book review - the author seemed to be attempting to create plot but was thinly veiled attempt to make social commentary, so he shouldn't have tried to create a plot in the first place, because then the insights could have taken the spotlight without any competition, even in the form of poor plot. All I am saying is that novel format was a poor choice.

Oh - and to those who have read Holy Blood, Holy Grail - apparently it was a big hoax - the Priory of Sion bit anyway. Three Frenchmen created the Dossiers, the details, etc. in ridiculous attempt to convince public that one of them was heir to some kingdom. There was no Priory of Sion until 1950s when these dudes created it themselves, one of them being from a town called Sion. And that is all I remember - God, I suck at remembering details.

In other news - was meant to go to ceilidh last night but didn't in the end. Instead I did a pub/bar crawl with Anne and Ailbhe and we ended up at the Walk About where fab band was playing. Lead singer came up to Ailbhe afterwards and proclaimed she was beautiful. Meanwhile I got attention from old men. Honestly, can't take that girl anywhere without, as Anne put it, being overshadowed (even though this would never happen as Ailbhe is so very petite I dobut she even has shadow!). OK - but big breakthrough here - Found out how old the old guy is . First, let me tel you - the old guy is this dude who is always there on Sat nights and usually bounds up on stage when Sweet child of Mine comes on. He dons this pair of Elvis sunglasses and plays a mean air guitar. I've always thought he was kind of cute, despite the gray hair,which I still insist was dyed! Anyways - everyone else thinks I am crazy and insisted he must be in his late thirties. Well, apparently he is 30. Not that it matters because Anne asked him right out and then said ' my friends have been trying to figure that out for 4 months!' LOL! I think she's trumped me in the lack of subtlety arena, but I do thank her for finally putting that question to rest!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,
So what is the guy's name that is from Charlottetown?? I'm curious as to who it is.


Anonymous said...

I read about five?(so long ago) of the prophecy books and injoyed all the spirituality "insu-ights". But I couldn't get through the last book because the spiritaulality of the insights was becoming religious, and a religion for the rich at that. I don't begrudge the rich a religion I just begrudge religion as opposed to spirituality.

Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhhh, Sean Connery???!!!! He has to be the sexiest man alive, so jealous. I'd be his mistress in a heart beat!

Anonymous said...

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