Friday, February 25, 2005

OK - So I don't know what possessed me yesterday to write such a preachy, long-winded post. I am sorry, will attempt to recover from humiliation of this event by producing witty/up-lifting/enjoyable post. Tomorrow. Or Maybe Sunday. For today you will have to suffer through another uninspired post about, well, nothing. I cna't help it - my mind does not function well at lunch time (or most of the time). I suspect it has something to do with wexpectation at work that we operate like machines.

Anyways - so its Friday, but not the end of the work week for me. I will endeavour to get my lazy self out of bed tomorrow at 7.00 so I can come to work for 4 hours. Acutally I don't mind - its double pay and i am going to take a three day weekend next week so I can handle it. I think.

I am reading a book now called 'Around The World in 80 Dates' - one woman's true life afccount of her mission to find Mr Right by going on 80 dates whilst travelling the globe. So far so good - a combo travelogue/humourous true-life account.

GUESS WHAT??We are soo lucky we got our 2-year visas for teh UK when we did because recent changes now allow Canadians to work for ONLY 1 year in the UJK, although they are still allowed to reside in the UK for up to two years. Imagine that - I would have to go home in May if that were the case....whoa..don't even want to think about that prospect. I've narrowed down my next destination to anywhere but Canada. TOp choices are Sweden, Oz or NZ. Oh - of course, if I do happen to find Mr Right in the months, well who knows?? Not that I am counting on that - 24 year-trend is unlikley to be broken any time soon given my luck.

K - I have to go because i ate lunch at the restaurant again. I only ate food from home though! Mental note ot write rant about food and the such.

Please, in meantime, watch SUPERSIZE ME. It is great - unless you are McDonald's addict, then maybe not so great.


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeewwwwwww.....24 year trend on not finding Mr Right is a little over exaggerated. Would you want your first special moment together to be the day you were both finally toilet trained????

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes I would. At least then I could be sure that hand washing was also drilled into routine

Anonymous said...

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