Friday, February 11, 2005

Just a quickie today as I've already been to lunch at the restaurant, but refrained from temptaions being sold there and kept to my WW bread.

Just a few wee, random notes:

Schemida - I have not forgotten about you at all, it is just that i have nothing new to report that is not in my blog and I'd actually rather just give you a call than regurgitate blog postings in an email. On that note, can you please send me your phone number (again) to my UPEI email account ( and my hotmail account. (Cheers, and I hope all is well in Cal-Gary)

Congratulations to Gary & Rachel! !! Newlyweds of the months!!

Another good movie to watch - Ocean's 11 (please, for any film buffs out there who think my list of Good Movies List sucks, bear in mind that I am making recommendations for specific people)

We (Jen, Anne & I) are going on a wee trip this weeknd. It may or may not include Glasgow & castles. Have you noticed how I've replaced saying Jen, Keri & I, with Jen, Anne & I?? Yeah, I wish it was 'Jen, Keri, Anne & I'. Blah :(

K - back to work for me - more to mention on this particular note, but shan't say anything lest eyes be reading this..... (hehehe..that doesn't make much sense -ah well, apparently I am nonsensical)

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