Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Not much to report today. I did manage to get to the movies (aka cinema to the Scots), but the only one playing at a decent time was Closer. I did want to see this movie..kind of, but was apprehensive about the subject matter - an emotional drama. Oooh..just what I need! It was sad and rather depressing. Great acting, but depressing. I don't think the screenwriter was inspired by great love....I think he (she?) was inspired by reality. Yeah. Woohoo for reality. It's so great to go to a film and leave with a sense that..even in the off chance that you find love, it will disappear or be screwed up by internal and external forces. Sigh. Luckily, I went home and watched Love Acutally - so realistic this film - especially Hugh Grant as Prime Miniser of Britain - single bloke who stands up to US President..uh huh.

I spent some of my lunch break trying to find something to do tomorrow night. Something to do that will impress person I am going out with. I mean, usually I am the one planning random/creative outings, as it is a necessity on PEI, but what can one do on a Wednesday night in February in a city she doesn't know all that well. Quiz Night? Karaoke? Bowling?!?!?! Good grief!

Ryanair has a seat sale on at the moment - I am tempted. But not that tempted. OK, I lie I am very tempted, luckily I have strong will.... *cough* *cough* Will wait until Jen & I decide when Paddywagon tour should be...

I have been doing a massive amount of training at work lately - being sick and on cold medicine hasn't really helped in the absorption of information. In any case, I am now 100% convinced that my talents lie in seeing the big picture and that I really am not a detail-oriented person. This is not to say I can't do details, but I'd rather be finding ways to encourage organisational change, increase efficiency and, in particular, better use of resources. Sigh. I miss university.


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