Wednesday, February 02, 2005

This is a little late, due to my being completely scatterbrained daughter. I didn't actually forget to call Mom, but, until today, I completely forgot to blog the annual event:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM (MUM) aka Terry! Wish I could have been there - you know I would have made a scrumptious supper and been obligated to bake a chocolate cake. A present is on its way (I could be sly and say that you will get pressie when you come over here, but you could be half a century before that happens!). Better late than never right?!?!

So - according to one co-worker I am 'fading away'. Given the time of year and my usual complexion, I could easily presume she was talking about my fair skin, but she wasn't. No, it seems I am wasting away to nothing - soon I'll be so thin I'll only have one side. Ha. That'll be the day (a fab Buddy Holly song BTW)

What is it with the restlessness of fellow flatmates??? OK, OK - I will admit that, on occassion, since returning here after Christmas I've been a bit restless myself, but I am pretty sure this is a seasonal condition and I have thus decided that I will not be making any big decisions regarding future until March at the earliest, April more likely. It's easy enough to get tired of routine - I think that is why we all left Canada in the first place, but having lived ina few cities now, I have come to conclusion that routine is inevitable unless you are a nomad. Of course, intial months in any place will be full of new adventures and excitement, but eventually you do settle into routine. The difference between routine here in Ediburgh and routine back on PEI is that routine here includes being UNROUTINE - doing new things and going new places on the weekends plus (and this is a big one) meeting new people!

Yeah - so on that note, I think I should go figure out flights for my trip to Sweden in March. I am looking forward to it .

I still haven't decided what to do tonight - I suggested a number of things, including skating (anne's idea), but that was nixed big time. I wonder, do Scottish people in general have a fear of ice and skates or is it this particular bloke's dislike/fear? Will be sure to find out tonight.

Blah - movie times here suck. Seriously - they are always on too early or too late, especially when one adds in advert tiem (20 mins) and considers that most movies today run at least 2 hours. in the case of Ray it is 2 hours and 22 mins plus 20 mins adverts. It doesn't start until 8.0 and is at least half hour trek from flat. Gads! I want my own cinema.

k - happy hump day.


Anonymous said...

You sure can be philosophical about life sometimes.(ie)routines and restlessness. Hang on to those thoughts when/if life starts to get you down.

Thanks for the b'day wishes. I'll be on the lookout for interesting mail. You were right about sending it now instead of waiting til I came for it:)...still one never knows.....24 million on the line for 649 tonight!

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say $24 million!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Philisophy and me are like two peas in a pod :) Anyways - mail is v. slow, so don't expect anything too soon - although you should have rec'd a card by now. Hope you win the lotto!

Hi Uncle Mike - did you get your pb balls and Scottish stuff yet??


Anonymous said...

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