Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today is free sample day at Marks & Spencer, but I skipped the trip to the Gyle so I could sit here and eat my lovely homemade lunch., only to discover I had forgotten it once again. (sigh).

I also got to chose what invesments I wanted to make into my Group Pension Plan. I went for 50% in above avg risk funsd (socially resp & ethical), and 50% at avg risk. What do I know about investing in things? OK, OK, I probably should have learned something about it during my time at UPEI, but suppose money has never been a prime motivator for me. In the end, I really don't think it matters what I invested in as it can always be changed, but, more notably, I won't be here for long enough to build any amount of significance.

Somehow Beth copped a bloke from the hostel into coming over for Bridget Jones Diary. Following on the flick, us 5 gals had a rather girly chat about a number of things. I like to think that Sean enjoyed it..I mean who doesn't enjoy being the only one in a group of the opposite many trade secrets to be learned .. Tonight, we are all heading off to Bridget Jones 2..the joy :)

OK -that's the end of yet another lunch..only 11 more before I head 'home'.
I wish I could extract the sadness emotion from my being.


Anonymous said...

Without sadness would you ever truly experience happiness? Bridget Jones 2 was great! (Sahra) PS, sorry on lack of email, will work on it tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if ying exists without yang, but I know I prefer happiness over sadness. Yes, please do email me in detail. Can't wait 2 be home.

Anonymous said...

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