Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday, time for another weekend wrap-up.

Hmm..since I already posted on Saturday, there's not a whole lot else to say. Oooh..except I think I had THE most successful afternoon of Christmas shopping EVER!!! What makes me think this? well I came home loaded down with parcels and wasn't even cranky from having to deal with the crowds! The only thing - my arms are wee bit sore today, clearly I've been dedicating too much time to cardio & not enough to toning at the gym. Ah well!

Saturday night was a Girl's Night in and it was a blast namely due to the company, but with added enjoyment from liquor, crepes and chocolate.

Sunday was a lazy day, didn't do much worth noting. Actually don't think I really did anything worth noting. Oh, except work on my business plan.

Yep - that's right, I am actually getting my act together and developing a business plan for an inspiration that hit me back when I was on PEI doing my honours thesis. And funnily enough it has absolutely nothing to do with ecotourism. Right now I need the following things: a computer, some creative/imagitinative people + a computer-savy person to help me get this thing off the ground...oh, and some capital :) Return to this blog for more information, which will be posted on a sporadic basis. If you are creative/imaginative, computer-savy, rich/wealthy, me, we'll talk :)

On a questionably related note, my job has become far more tolerable/enjoyable. THis is because they finally got around to training me on something more interesting/challenging than data entry. Actually, I was told I was going to start off doing one of the most difficult tasks/processes, because the trainer thought I was 'switched on'. Phew, glad someone thinks so. Anyway, turns outI've been 'spot on' with my work so far, so think that my manager is pleased. Of course, this begs the question..where can I go from here??? ANyway, for the moment it is keeping my mind occupied and that is absolutely essential at the moment. One good thing to come from one very sad thing is that I've pushed myself out of the comfort zone I had fallen into and am ensuring that each and every night of the week I have some sort of distraction, whether it be food, film or friends! Oh, and teh gym of course - 4x a week.

Mmm..yogurt with raspberries & granola is delicious.

20 days to Canada.
14.5 days of work
3 weekends of socialising

Not that I am counting......:):):):):):):):):)


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