Thursday, November 25, 2004

Well am here at EasyNet just killing some time before I meet up with Anne for a chat and, hopefully, some grub. I can't think v clearly..a result of rumbling stomach and mind-numbing week of work.

Now I will admit work has been a lot better in the last few weeks, since I got trained to process Single-Life Death Bonds, but,I swear, this place may be the death of me (pun totally intended and, in retrospect, not v. funny but I am too lazy to erase it so deal). Anyway, apparently there haven't been so many deaths lately so I've been forced to go back to the good ol' CEC's. Fun

Oh - I have some Hypocrisy/Irony to report. Today's front page newspper headline read 'US warns Ukraine to Clean Up Election or Face the COnsequences. Yep, that's right, the experts in dirty elections & fraudulent voting are threatening to take action against little ol' Ukraine if they don't do something about the fraud that is being reported leading up to the country's election. The AMericans claim that the results of the election will not be representative of the citizen's wishesd...Hmmm..does this seem VAGUELY familiar (rewind to 2000 Gore vs Bush)??????
Buried somewhere in the article was the 'aha' as to why the AMericans care about Ukraine. THey fear fraudulent election results will affect relations with NATO & Russia as well as SUPPLY OF OIL....

It reminds me of school....the kids that got into trouble all the time..they only got punished/reprimanded about 20% of the time, but if you were one of the quiet kids and you did something bad once, oh you got in BIG trouble.

Anyways- that's my example of hypocrisy & irony - I find it both funny & sad (which is also ironic in a sense I suppose).

Tomorrow night us gals are heading to ASDA - ooooh a field trip. ASDA is teh equivalent of Wal-MArt (owned by them, but branded differently here). WE are in search of food and decorations for our Sunday Shindig. Should be fun.

Bloody hell..there are a load of fireworks going off outside as I write this..leftovers from Guy Fawkes Day, or celebratoin of CHristmas?

DId I mention there is a giant Ferris Wheel overlooking Princes Street, and they have an ice-skating rink in the gardens below the castle. Oh - and to top it all off, a German market. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....or at least like winter/a carnival/Germany...a virtual smorgasbord of entertainment and novelty for us Edinburghers!

K - off I go to eat..10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, only a short while 'til you are home! Just for the record, I was one of the quiet, good kids at school and on the rare occasions I decided to skip I could tell my teachers and get in no trouble!

Anonymous said...

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