Monday, November 22, 2004

Two weeks from today at this time I will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean - destination: New Jersey (pronounced New Joyzee by residents). Thankfully, this is not finall destination, but mere stopover on my way to best place anyone can go - HOME SWEET HOME. 14 days til the journey!

Right, so this is my 3rd last weekend review from Edinburgh for the year 2004. Eek! And it isn't even overly-exciting, although pleasant enough..

Friday night after enjoyable gym workout had night in. Invited one of our new hostel friends, Sean (Shawn?), over to watch an exciting documentary (oh, and the Sipmsons, which is FINALLY available to us plebes without cable or digital). Sean/Shawn is cool Aussie dude who had job I envy greatly - he drives a tour bus around Europe for six months of the year! OK, soi I cold do without the driving part of the job, but travelling around Europe for six months of the year & always meeting new fun! Incidentally, Sean/Shawn knows another Islander who is living in south England - Jackie 'Something', who used to work for Magic93 SummerFun Cruiser and played hockey. She knew our high school classmate - Jennifer Champion, goalie extraordinaire! How is that for six degrees of separation?

Right, so Saturday was spent shopping and, as mentioned previously, moving into the itty-bitty room for me two month stint. Now, I know its only been two days, but I already love my new 'digs' cosy & small, it heats up in no time at all with the little portable heater. And since its just little ol me sleeping all by my wee self, the single bed does quite nicely.

Saturday night I had a choice - enjoy dinner made by Keri Sheilds adn tehn do a movie marathon with her & two friends (Skye & Graeme - so v. cool), or venture out into the cold to dance the night away at crappy meat-market type club.

I chose the dinner & 3 movies option and am glad I did. Dinner was good - Graeme was treated to a specialty - Keri Hair in a Vegetarian Lasagne. We ahd two desserts b/c SKye & Graeme are good guests who bring food and good movies with them. Movies watched: Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands & Willow..seen tehm all before, would see them all again - six thumbs up!

Sundsay - more shopping. We checked out the Car Boot Sale wasn't really worth it- pretty dingy, v. crowded and kind of dodgy. Oh, but I did score a Murder Mystery Party Game for a mere £ looks like we'll be hosting a party sometime in the near future - I put dibs on the writer character.

Oooh, but the funniest event of the day relates entirely to my being rather mischevious and completely random in adminstering my mischief. Right, so there's a store in teh Princes Street Mall called the GadgetShop which has all sorts of cool items like Robots and Duff Beer Glasses & Bubble Chairs. What caught my eye though, was a game that was supposed to be shocking - it had four grip hadnles and a button in the middle that you were supposed to push. Graeme & I grabbed the handles & pushed the button and then I got this huge electric shock which made me jump back. OK - so we got Keri to do it and that was funny, but I wanted to see someone else do it, so I stood by as people walked up to it. NO one seemed to get that you had to push teh button in teh mniddle to start the game. I was getting a bit impatietn, so when this girl came along with one of those push-pin poxes in one hand and tried to play the game, I helpfully pointed out to her that she had to press the button in the middle, which she promptly did. Then she promptly got a shock and jumped back with sucha start. I figured it was time to make a quick exit..Graeme & I were laughing our tooshes off. Apparently she gave me the evil eye, but I didn't even was all too funny :) So, that's me being evil..

Sunday night we watched ELF and listened to Christmas was all in the spirit of Christmas.


Shannon Courtney said...

spelling atrocious - i apologise - i can no longer type....

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you. Hope you're being careful with the portable heater. Make sure it doesn't get to close to flamables (just about anything). Dont' want to hear about a fire.

Your ever cautious and concerned Mom