Monday, November 01, 2004

Another Monday, another month gone by and, most importantly, return of the Weekend Review! Yes, yes..after depressingly long hiatus related entirely to lack of content for such a post, am proud to report that we did stuff this weekend!

Friday night I was ALMOST tempted into doing nothing (ie watching a DVD at home) by Ms Shields. ONe must be careful with this character -she works with the City Mission, but alterior motives are definitely in her agenda :) Ah, but I came to my senses (i.e. Jen arrived home and seemed a bit p. od that we were both 'ditching' the plans we had all made to go to a Fancy Dress party). Yep, so I got fancy dressed (in Scotland that means I donned a costume of sorts). I looked like a cross between a goth chick, medival lady and vampire. I was meant to be the latter. ANyway, the party was fun - saw some old friends, met some new people and..of course..ate some treats!!!

Saturday day - I can hardly remember what I did - all I know is that it didn't involve getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to Aberdeen for a Lacrosse game (that would be Jen's post). Actually, I believed I cleaned the flat, baked some muffins and then attempted to go shopping. Shoppin attempt was unsuccessful due to this Shanadian's considerable intolerance for crowds & queues!

Saturday night we had some friends over and not just ANY friends - NEW CANADIAN FRIENDS! Woohoo :) I think we have radars for fellow Canucks - whatever the case we have a disprportionate number of Canadian friends considering the fact that we are living in Scotland. Keri's friend, Skye, and her husband, Graeme (Skye's..not Keri's...don't worry things aren't getting that out of control ...YET :) They are hilarious. All in all it was a grand night, capped off by checking in to a few pubs & clubs only to discover nary a costumed person - unless all the reg chicks had decided to dress like EDINBURGH GIRLS -a scary sight indeed - but honestly, I think their numbers are just multiplying...

Sunday, despite being the longest day of the year, felt incredibly short. This is probably because we had invited some folks over for a brunch, which didn't get going until around 1.00pm. Following on massive amounts of grease, sugar & chocolate we could not move for a few hours. So, by time I left the flat it was going on 3.30. Anyway, not much else happened that I can speak of at the moment.

Evening - movie viewing - Finding NEverland - v. enjoyable!

ANd that's that...back to Monday again - 5 weeks until arrival in Canada!!!