Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ugh. I just ate too much for lunch. I had a cup of soup, a cup of yogurt & fruit, a delicious apple & a granola bar. It really doesn't seem like much, but it is when you've not had much of an appetite for weeks...

Right- so last night saw the reappearance of Miss Jennifer MacPhail who has been traipsing around Europe for the past week and a half. She 'did' Paris,Finland & Estonia, and appears to have had a fab time...albeit no luck in meeting Liam at teh London airport. So sad.

In other news - for once someone has actually taken me up on the offer to come & stay with me in PEI! I randomly invite friends and people I've just met to come visit - rarely do they take the opportunity, but Brandon did! (WOOHOO) And its thanks to this blog..because who knows if he would have emailed me, or I would have emailed him..but he commented, I replied and the rest is history! THe power of a blog- it astounds me :)

We are having a huge Christmas dinner this Sunday for all our friends in Edinburghj - and by all, I really do mean all. Despite having room for approc. 13 behinds in our living room, we've invited 19 people to our flat (thats including us). SO it'll be cosy and some will have to make do with mashed potatoes & chocolate..Keri's only cooking enough chicken for 12..she figured not everyone will want chicken. Um, yeah, OK- but they may want another option in lieu of chicken/ Me to the resuce!!! I am goingot make a vegetarian alternative which I hope will appeal to the meat-eaters and veggies in attendance.

Anywho, it promises to be a great gathering and fab way to say goodbye to everyone before we head home for the holidays...will keep you posted on how it turns out