Saturday, November 13, 2004

It is a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and I am just on my way out to do some Christmas shopping giv en that the exchange rate now SUCKS THE BIG ONE, I've decided that I will do my shopping in £££ here so as to minimse amount I need to exchange when I get home.

Right, so Keri & JEn are gone to Disneyland in Paris, leaving me to my own devices, which may or may not be a good thing, we shall see :)

Last night I headed out to meet up with a few friends. We started out at this bar called HEnry J Beans whihc had nothing going for it (it even had ana americna flag and american paraphenilia everywhere), nothing EXCEPT the best bartender scenery in EDINBURGH. Seriously, have you seen Cocktail, with TOim Cruise? Well, Rob of Henry J Beans would blow Mr Cruise out of the water... SO I ordered a second drink even though I didn't want one and in truly good bartender form, Rob remembered what I was drinking from the first round. Lalalala.

ANywho, in need of some dancing, so we headed off to this place called the Privy Council which was alright for cheap drinks but a bit pretentious and the music was a bit blah guessed it..Anne & I headed to the WalkAbout where our ears were treated to some decent music and the crowd was much friendlier...too friendly maybe. IN an ironic twist, Anne & I were hit on by two Italian gusy (brothers), who started asking us some odd questions about our residency it turned out allthey wanted was green cards!! Ahem**

No time left - oh just as a note - I don't know who calls me on my mobile if the voicemail picks up right away...


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