Monday, October 11, 2004

Ooooohhhh Free Internet!! Free, free, free. I had completely forgotten that the tourist info centre sometimes offers free Internet, probably as I haven't been here since JUne..having morphed from tourist to visitor to temporary resident over the past five months. Did I mention how much I love Free things??? Free food samples are obviously the best and I have become quite the expert at sourcing them out, bt, hey, free Internet is also nice.

K..enough about free things - let's talk about something that definitely was NOT free- My London Trip. Officially, my holiday is over :( I am back 'home' in Edinburgh, having arrived late, late last night after extended delays and way too much waiting for an airline that calls itself EasyJet. Yeah..easy to predict they will ALWAYS be late. But I'm not bitter about missing my FREE airlink bus home and having to pay cab fare. Nope, not bitter at all,

ANyways, I'd love to tell you all about my Lovely London Adventures..and don't you worry I most certainly will, but now is not the time. Given that I lack the ability to be concise at this whole blog-writing thing, I best pace out the whole London adventure and post it in a mini-series format over the week.. Another thing I love - the whole mini concept - mini cars, mini series, mini candy bars (excessive amounts of these at Hallowe'een. Right, so keep checking back this week - I'll post lots about my time in England over the next week or much as my weary mind can recall.

Oh right- so back to the present. Sahra is staying with us and since today is Thanksgiving in Canada (Happy THanksgiving), we are celebrating by doing what us North Americans seem to do best - eating copious amounts. Due to lack of money to buy a turkey and the dressings, as well as some hesitation at trying sucha cluinary feat as cooking and serving a turkey to persons who actually want to eat, I've opted for a safer route - the French-style Thanksgiving. Thanks (no pun intended) to a well-packed duffel bag brought over from Canada, I am again armed with my crepe pan, thus I will be treating (?) the gals to sweet & savory crepes tonight. Crepes with cheese, ham, mushrooms & onions for the main course, crepes with choice/cobinaiton of nutella, strawberries, whipped cream, bananas, syrup and/or sugar. Yeah, so that's it- just a simple, French dinner. No replacement for turkey, but I try...

K best go see what Sahra is getting up to..knowing her it can't be good ;)

OH - in case anyone is wondering, I have another job interview and aptitude test for the perm position at my workplace. Wednesday is D-Day. Oh, how I hate interviews. Tests are fine. I can do tests. But talking in a clear and coherent manner. Answering specific questions about my capabilities. NOT rambling....How am I going to do it??????