Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Right..its time to write.

Well, as I've already recounted, my arrival in London was a wee bit panicked due to absence of sister at Gatwick airport. I still hold that she told me she was arriving at Gatwick, although I should have recalled that Air Canada does not fly into that airport. Anywho, looking back on it, it is quite funny...the funniest thing (to me anyway) is that Sahra had brought over a rather heavy duffel bag of Canadian goodies for me, but had insisted time & time again that she would not be carrying the bag any further than the airport terminal in London. As it turned out she had to lug the bag (without a shoulder strap) up and down a number of staircases on the Tube. Ah well, good weight lifting practice I say (and thank you)!

OK, so Tuesday we decided to start the morning off at some of the FREE museums - I was particularly keen to check out the Natural History & Science museums. Sahra was not, thus our 'visits' were more like 'whirlwind' trips through the hallways of each musuem. It's alright though...I realised early on that my interest in science was as muted as it had been in high school (yes, I am still embarassed that I dropped out of Chemistry). As for teh Natural HIstory museum..it was v. interesting and right up my alley, but the sun was shining, so I didn't mind much that we quickly found our way from the museums to Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is huge. Mammoth. Lovely. The highlight there was at teh Round Pond (such an original name), where there were a load of Swans and Canadian Geese chillaxing on the grass.

After Hyde Park, we decided it was time for a bit of posh shopping, so we jumped the Tube to Harrod's. OMG - where to begin in describing this massive, amazing department store. It is like nothing I had experienced before -the epitome of perfection in every way - this was no Zellers or Eatons..it was in a class of its own. My favorite departments were the Perfume/Make-up section where Jonathan, working at the Versace counter, asked me if I'd like to try some new colours (YES!!) and said he was surprised I didn't get asked for makeovers all the time, what with my unique eyes..oh how I love flattery! Now, I know you're probably saying 'well, he was just trying to sell you something', but he didn't try AT ALL..seriously.. The other highlight was, surprise, surprise, the food hall..which was divided into sections including Cheese, Bakery, Desserts, Sweets..I was in food heaven.

After a 3 hour stint at Harrods (about 2 hours too long for me, but somebody just ahd to viist the Christmas and Stationary sections :), we grabbed a bite to eat at a vegetarian Thai buffet. I know, I know..after Saigon Saigon I was a bit wary, but the whole vegetarian thing gave me some hope.

Yep..so that was Day Two..stay tuned for the rest of the story. I have to go eat now. I am coming down with a cold. THey have hired a new temp to replace me..looks like I am pretty much guaranteed a place on the team (so why, why must I do interview tomorrow?? Woe is me).

Hope all is well - email me if you can - especially Andrew and Becky R :)

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