Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hey Hey Hey Folks! It snowed last night in Edinburgh. Mind you, it was wet snow and it didn't last long, but I got rather..er..excited by it. Apparently I did not have my snow-fill this year, despite the bloody 4 months of endless white stuff while I was on PEI.

Fast-forwarding from last blog post, where Sahra & I were waiting and waiting and waiting to fly back to Edinburgh to this past weekend, when Sahra returned to Canadia and I decided it was time to be a tourist in Edinburgh.

Jen & I made our way over to the Old Town to visit the Royal Scottish Museum (free!!!), which was pretty good, as museums go. Lots of different themes including the Natural World, Asia..tehy even had room for more relics of the recent past liek a giant cell-phone from teh early 90's and computers from the 80's. Plus one of Elton John's Pink Polyester outfits from 1973. THey ahd some sort of drawing activity going on, where you could take a drawing board, paper and pastels/chalk/crayons and be inspired by the museum's pieces. Jen & I took the materials and were inspired by each other, drawing 'portraits' in rather interesting colours. I use the word portrait loosley - mine turned into an interpretation of what Jen would look like if she were a male. Hers turned into an interpretation of what I would look like if I were an Anime cartoon.

Saturday night we ventured to a new pub - the World's End, where our friend, Shannon is the cook. We were there to say a fond farewell to our Canadian friend, Kathleen..who, incidentally, we already said goodbye to back in August, but who decided to return early from her European travels. She is flying back to Canada next weekend.

Oh, but Sunday was the higlight (and lowpoint) of the weekend. Jen & I decided to head off to Glasgow (my first time there) and visit the markets, which are open on the weekends.

I was envisioning a mini-Camden type Market. Little did I know I would find myself admist 'Pirates of the Bonnie-Land.' I was absolutely blown-away by the massive number of vendors (aka cons), selling pirated DVD's and CD's. Seriously distrubing - where were the police??? I felt guilty just walking amongst the stalls. Oh, in case you're wondering, most of the movies on DVD are STILL playing in theatres (e.g. Shark-Tale), or haven't even come out over here yet. Same deal with the CDs....the latest and greatest.

Anyway, I learned the full significance of 'Caveat Emptor' myself. I purchased two bottles of perfume (CoolWater & Chanel 5) that were boxed and plastic-wrapped, for a mere £10. It was only when we were shopping in real stores that I decided to open my Coolwater and do a test spray. Blech. Not at all like it was meant to smell. I was duped, but hey, in retrospect it serves me right and, like they say, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, I am still out my favorite perfume, but will manage not to let the smell get to me :)

So..yeah, that was quite the experience. Makes me think twice about the whole piracy thing, cause it seems wrong for these people to be profitting off someone else's talent. Plagiarism is still considered a serious offence by the law and most people, so I wonder why the same ethics don't seem to apply to other forms of media.

The rest of Sunday, we shopped in legitimate stores. We also had nachos at Pizza Hut - they should stick to pizza. We told Keri we met some Kiwi boys (her favorite kind) and went to the WalkAbout in Glasgow..we've yet to tell her that we made that story up. I have no fear that she will discover our fib by reading my blog :)

This is fun, but my lunch is done (note the rhyming)