Monday, October 18, 2004

This post may cause confusion, head-scratching, disorientation and, in rare instances, maddness. If you have difficulty processing massive amounts of gibberish and/or understanding disconnected sentences/paragraphs it is strongly advised that you refrain from reading this particular blog entry.

London Adventures Continued

Saturday in London = Shopping Galore, Grand Entertainment and Fabulous Atmosphere.

We decided to hit Camden Town, as the Camden Markets had come highly recommended by bargain-hunter extrordinaires Keri & Jen. What an experience!! The market is massive.... Booths upon booths of people purveying goods - jackets, boots, tops & trousers, crafts, candles, jewellry and, of course, massive amounts of food representing cultures from around the world. I can't really do it justice in words - it was an amazing sight and unique experience. I was relatively good about managing the money though (given that I ahd so very little on me!). My only purchases were a cute T-shirt and a Bag/Purse adorned with the Beatles.

Following on the market, Sahra & I made our way back to Covent Garden, where we enjoyed a few street performance shows and got to see the most tattooed man in the world (he was entirely grey AND wearing a kilt!!!!) Afterwards, we visited the Theatre Museum, which focussed on the history of live theatre in London. It was def. my favorite museum as it was more hands-on and colourful. We watched a theatre make-up demonstration and Sahra volunteered to be a canvas - She looked like one of those pale women from the 18th century by the time the artist was done. Quite teh sight. I wanted to volunteer too, but was certain I wouldn't be able to put on the wig at the end. Sigh - starting to realise just how limiting my hari style can be when it comes to wearing clothes/doing certain things.

You know what? I can't even recall what else we did on Saturday! Packed and ate at the Italian restaurant again??

Right - Sunday, our last day in London. Lots and lots of waiting- not the restaurant kind that could get you monetary returns, but the kind where you sit around and check your watch every five minutes and get really ticked off when you learn your Easyjet flight is late and you will be arriving home too late to catch the AIrlink bus.

Anyway, we spent Sunday morning at Buckingham Palace, waiting to watch the Changing of the Guards. It was worth waiting for - the weather was great and the policemen doing crowdd control were amusing. No sign of the Queen though - because she was in bloody Edinburgh along with Sir Sean Connery ..parading down the street to open the new Scottish Parliament.

Following on that spectacle, we did some last minute shopping for souvenirs then headed to Regents Park to watch a Scrum in the Park - the World Champions of Rugby (the England team :), were practicing in the Park and it turns out that is a big deal. Wish I could say I was enthralled, but such was not the case. of the day was spent waiting. I know Gatwick airport much too intimately now, giventhat I spent 7 hours there last November and another 4 this October.

OK - fast forward to this weekend past!! Blogworthy adventure to post but have just noted that my lunch is over, so will do my best to post this evening or tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

That wasn't that disjointed, I understood without trouble... but then again, I am one of your smarter friends (just kidding).

Got your postcard today. I'm building quite the collection between you, Jen and Becky. Oh, but you messed up my postal code, you had something like K1C... so the post office person (whoever that is) kindly crossed it out and wrote K1K in LARGE black ink over it as not to create any more confusion, it would have been great to track it like you can track courrier packages to see if this created an extra day or two in the delivery.

Ok I've just noticed that I am rambling up a storm, so I'll quit now.