Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Shannon has been at work since 8.45. It is now 1.15 p.m. She has just clocked out for lunch.

How many hours has Shannon worked today?

a) 5
d) None of the above

If you chose anwer are good at math. If you chose answer D, you are realistic.

In total, Shannon has actually worked only 1 hour today. The other 3.5 hours have been spent doing aptitude tests (see example above), interview, training and drinking hot chocolate.

I can't help it..there are just some days when one finds oneself unable to perform in disciplined manner. Albeit, I did have excusable reasons for not working most of the morning, but am now finding it difficult to concentrate on work. Ah well..this afternoon I am training a new temp to takeover my lovely data entry position.

AS fot the interview - it ended up being non-existent. After 1 hours worth of aptitude testing, in which they made sure I could perform basic math problems and spell properly, I was brought into an interview room and left to wait. I willed myself not to start panicking/sweating (they go hand in hand0, only to discover that the interview had been cancelled adn replaced witha casual chat between myself, my manager and an HR person about my work visa and teh need for a clause that would render me terminated in May 2006 if my visa cannot be extended. THe HR person informed me that chances of extending my visa on teh basis of a skill shortage in customer services was fairly low. Hmm..guess I will have to move to Plan B - a marital arrangement. Will take tips from my sister, who fenangled a fiance without going through the whole dating thing...

OK - back to LONDON ADVENTURES. Thursday: We made our way to Buckingham Palacae to watch the Changing of the Guards. The Changing of the Guards was not to occur _ our guide bok was a bit out of date. We spent the rest of the day down along the Thames, checking out Tower Bridge (which everyone thinks is London Bridge..but London Bridge is really quite plain & ugly), visiting the Tower of London (Sahra went in..I was too cheap to pay the £13/$30 admission so I wandered around and spent no money).

We then walked along the Thames to the Millenium BRidge - a pedestrian bridge that wobbled when they first built it. It was a long walk - I discovered that I am either a fast walker or Sahra is a slow walker. Anyways, after much walking & waiting, we finally made our way to a wharf, where we caught a boat headed down the Thames. I love boats, I wish I could be a pirate. Following on teh boat ride, we made our way to Baker Street (which I was later informed, was the home of Sherlock wonder there was so much paraphenilia about him). Anyway, we went there to visit the Beatles store. V cool, but rather expensive.

We decided to make it a quiet evening and visited a lovely Italian restaurant, with lovely Italian waiters. It was as romantic as it could get, given the company :)

K..back to work..must train the new temp to do my old job :):)


Jen said...

Yay! I like your London stories.
I am waiting for our Glasgow tickets. City Link website is very slow...

Anonymous said...

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