Wednesday, October 06, 2004, dude, I'm in London and it's Totally Awesome!!!!!

OK, I really didn't expect to be blogging from here, but the hostel had to go and give us 15 minutes of free Internet here I am to relay our adventures so far.

If I could turn back time, here is what I would have said to Sahra a WEEK AGO!

'So I'm fliying into Gatwick at 10.00. What time do you fly in?'

'OK..well then if you are there at 6.25 you can just meet me at my arrival gate - flight 704 on EasyJet'

''s the part I should have added:

'And you're absolutely, positively sure that you are flying into Gatwick???????'

'Oh, oh you're not, well that kind of changes plans doesn't it? If you're flying into Hethrow thee is no way we are going to connect at the airport..'

Yes, yes that's right . . . .major miscommunication resulted in Sister & I arriving at different airports. I, uncharacteristically, had not planned a contingency and had no info written down about the hostel or how to get there or even how to contact them..was relying on sister Sahra, who had all that info. UNfortunately she did not have my mobile number. there was some panic, a few curses and a frantic call to Saviour MacPhail!!! Anyway, we ended up meeting..just a few hours delay. It didn't help that, at the airport, Sahra had left me a message, but a wman by the name Courtney Shannon had come by for a different message and the airport people presumed she was me.

K, so after initial unsought panic, I decided that self-inflicted panic was the order of the day. With this in mind, I insisted that we go up the London Eye..the world's largest observation wheel - read GIANT Ferris Wheel..with pod-like capsules for the 'victims'. Why I chose to pay £11 to get on this very, very high and very, very slow-turning wheel I have no idea. Anyne who knows me, knows tha I freak out at the thought of heights...I've even been known to shed a tear or two on a ski lift. Funnily enough tall buildings don't scare me and flying is fine, but something about big wheels and hanging from wires puts me off. ANyway, I survived and, to be honest, it was definitely worth the money and initial panic for the view..we even had a rainbow

TIme is up..gotta go 'DO LONDON'