Sunday, October 03, 2004

Its Sunday afternoon - gorgeous day out and here I am in EasyNet cafe trying to work out last minute details for....get this.... my LANDING IN LONDON!!

That's right folks, in two mere days/48 hours I will be in LONDON - One of the great cities of this world!!! Best of all, I will be meeting my big sister, Sahra there for a 5-night, 6-day adventure that I suspect will be full of fun & fantastic sights, and, quite possibly, a few moments of panic on The Tube and when we get 'Lost in London' (it is bound to happen..apparently 'sense of direction' does not run in the Courtney blood...Sahra will likely deny this, but it's true)

Anywho...yeah so, right..the Weekend Review:

Well, for once I don't have a long-winded report of what we got up to on this side of the pond. To be honest, it was a pretty tame time by Jen & Shannon standards..not sure what Keri's analysis would be..I think she was asleep more than she was awake this weekend...

Friday Night = Flat warming party at a friend's flat in Leith. This friend's name is Shannon and she is also Canadian (a West-Coaster though). I am feeling less than unique since I arrived in Edinburhg, having met two other Shanadians.... A short drop-in to the Walk-About on our way home..just to be sure it was still in good order. Don't usually go on Friday nights as there is always a band playing, thus the stage is unavailable for dancing and we must mingle with the commoners :) Anyway, glad we went because the band rocked. I may have developed a wee crush on the singer despite, as Jen pointed out 'he probably weighs less than me' It's true..he could probbaly go in the ball room at McDonald's if he wanted..but there's something about a guy with a mic in his hand...

Saturday = shopping at the mall. How North American. But I scored a sweater (aka jumper in the UK) and v. shannon-like shirt

Shoot..think time is running out.

Anyway, hope y'all have a good week while I am IN LONDON. Oh, but I am in work tomorrow and I have my interview for the FT job, so keep your fingers crossed at 11.30 (GMT)


Rob said...

Best wishes for the FT job. You have a talent and they might surprise you and see it.

Anonymous said...

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