Friday, September 03, 2004

Just a short blog today, not much to report I'm afraid. Reason for lack of activiites upon which to report is that I've been rather under the weather for the majority of the week..bit of a cold.Usually I try to deny presence of sickness and just go about my business as usual, but this time I had to force myself to take it easy as it was absolutely essential that I recuperate by the weekend. So..for first time in this working girl's history, I took yesterday off work. I spent my free time (not really free though, was an opportunity cost of £30) sleeping in, finishing jigsaw puzzle, creating crafty things to decorate flat and devising new Healthy Eating plan.

So..did day off work help in recovery? ABsolutely! I am feeling much, much better today..althogh admittedly a bit lightheaded.

So, the weekend. Yeah. Woohoo. 3 Leaving Dos & a Ceilidh to Attend.

The leaving dos are for: 2 workmates + 1 Canadian friend and they are all tonight. Luckily the the work leavings are a combined event, so will pop into that first, tehn make my way to say farewells to our Ottawa friend, Brandon. Oh..sidenote about work-do - am hoping Jen will join me as am trying to matchmake her with the lad (the only one) on our team - don't worry R & J, he is really, really nice boy - a rarity. Too young for me though.

Tomorrow night we are heading to a ceilidh at the Caledonian Brewery. Brandon is having his leaving do with softball team and we are honourary members due to our unwavering support and presence at the sidelines (I think..or it could just be that he likes our company!) I am looking forward to many kilt viewings, some traditional Scottish dance and a few bevvies! that's all the news that is the news today. Sorry for shortness, although in truth you are all probbaly happy with my succinctness (for once).

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