Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thursday + Jen’s Parents Visiting + A Wee Bit of Vodka + No Shame = Karaoke Night at Filthy McNasty’s. Yep, that’s right…after a 1 month 5 day hiatus (yes, I counted..believe me it wasn’t hard) from the Rose St bar, we are returning. Oh dear. On a high note, however, I am looking forward to the singing + drinking portions of the evening…just not necessarily keen on the venue. Funny how that is eh? In the beginning it was all the rage, but now we’ve moved onwards (and upwards) in our quest for the best night out. There were, of course, mitigating factors for our relocation.

Anywho, not a whole lot to report on, the week has been pretty uneventful. Me thinks the weekend will make up for it though, starting tonight! Since there is little to comment on with regards to my adventures in Scotland this week, I will use this post to make random (read – babbling) comments about the state of the world & marshmallows. last night I was watching the news. Cat Stevens (pop singer of the 60’s & 70’s) was on a flight to Washington (from London). The plane was diverted to Bangor, Maine, where he was taken in for questioning, then deported and told not to return to the US. Apparently he was on a Terrorist Watch List. WHY???? No one really seems to know. He converted to Muslim back in the 70’s, but has condemned terrorist attacks and reworked Peace Train last year to protest the war in Irag. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, so yeah..marshmallows are really expensive over here. Like super that no one really would want to make Rice Krispie squares because they wouldn’t be worth the ££. And the only place you can find marshmallows is in the candy section…not in the baking section. I have taken to eliminating marshmallows from my diet as a result.

Haiti has already lost over 700 people to the severe flooding of the island. The other side of the island lost only 11 people to the floods (it is another country, my geography escapes me at the moment – actually it always it Cuba??)Anyway, the reason that Haiti has been devastated, while the other country on the other side of the island has not is due to deforestation. Haiti is extremely poor, so it has had to cut down its forests to increase agricultural lands. The lack of forest cover is being attributed to the floods, because the land simply could not absorb all that water. More and more I am realising just how devastating agricultural demands can be in so many respects.

Oh..looks like my lunch is over..back to the grind. Let me muster up some enthusiasm….woohoo.


Anonymous said...

Shannon, we stole your Scotland tour book, shouldn't confess I suppose but it makes a nice souvenir(thanx Roy
Actually if we knew your sisters # i'd send it back with her.
Had a wonderfull time in Scotland,thank you so much for sharing your flat,your hospitality,your entertainment,
your vodka,your witiness, also give our thanks to Kerri, I'll thank her on her blog personally, if she ever blogs again (Ha,Ha)
I am going to make DEEP FRIED BARS tonite (maybe not)
Sincerely, Roy & Janet

Anonymous said...

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