Friday, September 24, 2004

A Point Form Post RE: Last Nights Mini-Karaoke Bar Crawl
Gone too long. Lost priority at Filthy's. Only got to sing one song (Footloose), with one microphone to share. Song started skipping half way through.

Don, the Karaoke guy, missed us. Big hugs and 'where have you been?'.

Apologies to Jen's Mom (Janet) for spiking her cooler with German vodka, turning a 5% alcoholic beverage into a 50% alcoholic beverage!

Edinburgh wind disappears once it gets dark and the streets are deserted.

Walkabout on Thursday night = Good Deal on Drinks -£1 in, then all drinks £1.

Deep-fried Mars Bar..the often talked about, rarely seen Scottish specialty finally sampled at Cafe Piccante. Fat, sugar & chocolate all in one bite. You will just have to try it for yourself.

Jen's parents are cool! Roy can cut up the dance floor, his daughter inherited that ability.

Johnny B Good - great song :)

In bed by 1.00. Late(r) for work today...paid for my sin(g)s

Stay tuned for more tales from the weekend, with plans for car boot sale & night out w/the army..or at least some of their employees!

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