Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Wow..Tuesday already. Crazy. OK, the truth is I am utterly bored and, upon beginning this blog, have no idea what I am going to write because, essentially, I have nothing to say. So I will fill this space with random notes, thoughts, suggestions, etc. Feel free to navigate away at any time unless you are as bored as I.

For all of you Spreading A little Ker In the World fans, I feel obligated to tell you that Ms Shields has not broken any fingers, is still in good health and regularly visits the Internet CafĂ©. From this you can conclude that she has no acceptable excuse for not blogging in the PAST MONTH!! Personally, I don’t mind..I know what she is up to ;) And her lack of blogging likely means I have more readers on my blog, but I know that some people must be wondering Where in the World is Keri? Or Why Doesn’t She Blog. Well, today, I can reveal that answer without fear of any consequences from Ms Shiilds (as she never reads my blog). The answer is simple: MSN Messenger. Yep, that’s right..every time Keri goes to the Internet she hops right on Messenger and starts chatting away. She may have all intentions of writing a blog post, but the lure of talking in real time to people back home s just too much – she needs discipline. There, I’ve outed Keri – I heart you KerBer!!! Anyway, rest assured she’s having a grand time!

For friends who’ve left PEI – can you email me sometime and let me know if/when you will be home during the Christmas holidays?!?!? This little planner wants to be sure she sees everyone and maybe co-hosts a Scottish shindig with her fab flatmates. Yes, yes this is a thinly veiled attempt to get emails from friends but can you blame me? My Inbox has been depressingly empty as of late (save for Blair House reunion!!!).

Um..yeah..so there’s this store called ASDA over here which I’ve yet to visit b/c it they tend to be out in the suburbs. People kept telling me it was the Wal-Mart equivalent, which made it slightly unappealing, but last night Jen & her parents came home with food ..including yummy Build-Your-Own pizzas, which were from ASDA!! And Janet said it was pretty much like the Superstore back home. It is now a priority visit for me!

You know what else is funny – they have Woolworth’s stores over here. Yep..an American icon that died in the 60’s is still alive and well over here. They have a great pick’n’mix and candy section.

There I have filled a void of time with useless chatter. Woohoo. Tonite I will have to find something else to fill the void of time, as Keri & Jen have both deserted me for better things (Germany & Scotland tour respectively). Maybe I will buy a puzzle…

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