Monday, August 30, 2004

Wow..this is the 100 post I've made since starting out this little blogventure back in January. Guess that just goes to show I can really ramble on :)

Please take note: This blog entry will be a bit more of a mish mash than usual..with regular WEekend Review, a little bit of pleading/begging and then thinkly disguised email-like chat with Sister Sahra (b/c I am too lazy to go back to hotmail)

Friday Night - Jen & Shan prepare Keri's birthday cakes (take them out of their packaging and stick afew candles in them) and strategically place her gifts around the two cakes (yes..I was the cake shopper..who could really decide between Chocolate & Lemon??). The theme for Keri's gifts was Plstic & Bread. Back in July, when we were flat-hunting, it became quite evident that the main criteria for a suitable flat, in Keri's opinion, was the presence of fake flowers. Unfortunately our place on Canon Street did not come with such adornments, so we made up for the lacking with some pretty pink, plastic flowers. A plastic croquet set as also throughly enjoyed by teh freshly 24 year-old. As for the bread..well lets just say Dr Atkins and Keri Shields do not see eye to eye.

It was a pretty low key night all in all. We headed out to a pub of KEri's choice..Jekyll & Hyde's..with a 7 deadly sins theme and gothic decor. Surprise surprise.

Saturday: After spending loads of money via credit card, I joined the gals at the Stand Comedy Club. WE were there for the free improv show. It was damn good adn a nice way to wrap up the who Fringe Festival - cheaply!

Our Canadian friend, Brandon, was playing in a softball tournament so we headed over to watch the final game of the day. It was enjoyable if not a bit on the chilly side. Brandon's team rules - they basically kickced butt..probably due to presence of two Canadians on the team. I made my own winning as spectator, scoring free candy & cookies that the team had left over!

In the evening, us gals headed out to the Grass Market - JEn had a plan (as usual to meet up with some of her workmates (read - young, army boys) at hte 3 Sisters and all was going well until we were stopped by the bouncers who wantedID. I'd have been flattered save for the fact that one of them said he was really only after Jen's ID. Sigh. WEll, in any case she didn't have any proof that she was over 18 (???) so we were denied least for the moment. We eventually made it in via the assistance of some older-looking (but really only 25 years) Scottish men, who also bought us free drinks. Sometimes, I must say, it pays to be a female. In any case, we had to blw that popsicle joint after awhile (just us gals..we pleaded fatigue and the calling of our beds). In actual fact we were headed to the WalkAbout as it was the last week it was open until3. I officially made it to 3am for four consecutive weeks!

Sunday - V. low key..just did a bit of shopping and enjoyed the sunshine and warmish weather. for the BEGGING.

My sister, Sara, who some of you may know and others clearly would not, are going ot be travelling around England and staying in London for a few days during the first part of October. Sara is coming all the way from Canada for just 12 days to see her litttle sister and enjoy the UK. She wil not be enjoying the exchange rate. ANyway, have been racking my brain to figure out whether I know anyone living in London or to the South and have come up with nil. If anyone out there in blog land knows anyone (maybe from University?) that is in London or thereabouts and wants company of two lovley Islanders, please let me know! Alternatively..if anyone has been to London and knows of good (read clean and well located) accomodations, can you pop me an email or comment. Tanks so much!!

K - for Sahra and anyone who is really bored:

I was thinking that maybe when we arrive in Gatwick on Tuesday we should head to the countryside first. I have a few reasons for this thinking...If we can rent a car at Gatiwck and return it to HEethrow then we will be saving ourselves a lot of money onteh trains into London from the airport, because travel from HEathrow is included in Tueb Daypass which we will have to buy anyway. Also, some things in London are only free on Sunday. There si a huge fleamarket in London on teh weekend in Camden Townthat KEri & Jen highly recommended. We would be able to do three days and two nights in London, rather than tree nights and three days, thus saving ourselves from expensive accomodation of London. Hostels in other towns will be much cheaper.

Those are just some thoughts..will call you soon and we can chat some more


Becky said...

I was at Jeckyl & Hyde! Did you do the 7 deadly sins? Sarah & I did... I think sloth was our favourite!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shan:

I use to work with a guy in New Brunswick who travelled to London quite often. I just emailed him to see if he had any suggestions. I will let you know what he has to say. Hope all is well with you.


Uncle Mike

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