Saturday, August 07, 2004

Writing on an empty stomach..never a good idea. I am starving. NOt really sure why as have had apple & peanut butter with a little bit of bagel just a few hours ago. Perhaps the liquor still running through my body has amazing metabolic abilities and is burning up energy faster than I can feed it, or maybe I have a tape worm. Nah.I like the metabolic alcohol theory better. this city is aboslutely BUZZING!! I can not believe the atmosphere here, it is fantastically mad and outragish, mirthful and a bit campy on occassion! Is there anywhere else in the world I'd rather be right now? Nay!!!!!!

OK..but I have to backtrack here a bit and tell you about Thursday night first..even though it isn't half as crazy/fun as the weekend's adventures, it did give me a bit of insight into just how girly I can be sometimes. RIght, so Thursday us gals decided to make an appearance at the C Bar, which is this v. cool bar dwitha beer garden and cosy encloves and, best of all, a CANADIAN bartender. FUnnily enough we were only a stone's throw from this fab hangout when living at Drummond PLace but only managed to make it there in our final week there (despite my persistently suggesting we go there cause it was in the TOP TEN book Schemida gave me of pubs/bars in Edinburgh). ANywho, so we had ourselves a drink (or two) and the Canadian bartender (Calgarian BTW) joined us for drinks after his shift. Yeah, new friend!! Must say, it is sooo much easier to meet people over here than it is on PEI..even the Casey's regulars thought they were too good for us... OH, fun sidenote, the new friend's name is Grand. I reasonably thought he was saying Grant, but GRand is soo much cooler, especially considering how people over here like to throw that word around in same manner that Keri uses the phrase 'f*ck off'.

Blah blah blah..have just noticed how shite I am at getting to the point of a story....for those who have withstood my marathon prelude, which has NOTHING to with the actual Shannon is SUCH a girl ancedote. we got home around 11.00 (I had three vodka & diet cokes in me)I walked into the well lit kitchen and let out the highest pitched scream posssible as I saw somethign with a tail scurry across the tiled floor and behind the washing machine. Keri & Jen went right into action. Keri was impressively ready to take on the scurrying thing, which I'd concluded could only be a mouse due to the tail and the scurrying. With mop in one hand and toaster box in other she boldly tried to move the washing machien to get at the little critter. When she couldn't actually move the appliance JEn stepped in and, again, proved she has more brute strength than KEri & I combined (me having none whatsoever and Keri having varying abilites depending on how much alcohol she's consumed). there was nothing behind the washing machine and, after a few tense minutes of scanning the kitchen we concluded the mouse was not there anymore.

That was when KEri & Jen asked me to describe exactly what the scurrying thing has looked like.

My response:
'Um..oh be honest it kind of looked like a leaf..but with a tail and scurrying ability'.

Keri: 'Well, what color was it'

Shannon: 'Hmm..well I don't really know..somewehre between greensih and grayish'

Jne: 'Are you sure it wasn't just a leaf?'

Shannon: 'Well, I don't know I wasn't weearing my glasses, but can leaafs scurry?' Awkward pause while Shannon contemplates possibilities. 'You might have just been a leaf..I don't know.'

And we still don't konw for sure we have the compnay of a mouse or scurrying leaf in our flat. make this easier to read, am going to start a new post about teh weekend, beacuswe long post are kind of annoying.

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Anonymous said...

Ok yes the prelude may have been a bit long (for those who actually realized it was a prelude) but....! mouse scurrying leaf anticdote was well worth a prelude even twice as long!! Also good to find out in a crunch that flatmates are willing and ready to take action at the mere mention (hallucination) of rodents sharing flat uninvited.
BTW this blog and previous one (Thursday and Saturday I believe only showed up here Sunday evenig (time warp I guess.