Thursday, August 19, 2004

Just a short blog today - going against the norm ( i.e. ‘Shannon Ramble-On’). Actual reason for shortness of blog is inability to type and inability to make coherent sentences (as if I ever had that!!) Anyway, so yeah I don’t think I’m ready for Boxercise class yet. The class wasn’t just cardio, a major amount of weight lifting and presses and sit-ups (hahahah..I could do 15..out of the 100 we were supposed to do). I am a weakling, although I could hold my own I the punching part..does that say something about me?

Today I am truly having trouble holding my arms up so I can type. Earlier this morning I gave up trying to type and did some manual work, but this was no reprieve as my hands were literally shaking. Am trying to ignore fact that body-falling-to-pieces is in sync with Shannon-turning-yet-another-year-older..

Speaking of years older, it appears that August is an extremely popular birthday month..if you backtrack 9 months it appears December is a very friendly & giving month. Anywho, I seem to have started a trend for announcing birthdays on my blog so without further Adieu…..

Happy Birthday Mr Gavin Andrews!! Happy 25th !!

And I know I’ve got the age right this time, cause a quarter of a century is a pretty BIG deal. Oh, and one must respect one’s elders right?

Have a great craic (little bit of Irish slang there for you folks) Be to drink, eat & be merry..then drink some more and some more. I go to find a cheaper flight home…Jen got one for £40 cheaper than what I was planning to pay so I’m on it cause when you do the conversion that’s $100 difference.


Anonymous said...

Air Canada of all airlines has a sale on right now... not sure if the dates will match or not, but they had flights for $500ishCDN to England/Scotland/Ireland.


Anonymous said...

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