Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Am feeling more like travel agent than high-flying data entry career woman as of late. Have been booking flights, trying to find cheap deals and considering how long I can endure Scottish ‘winter’ before hightailing it to sunny locale where I can sip margaritas and work on my never-present-tan. Have had some luck with cheap flights in Europe so am all booked to go to Dublin & London in the upcoming months. Have had no luck finding cheap flight home at Christmas…in fact, cheapest flight I could find was with Continental, flying thru NY to Halifax for $1000 return. Not bad I suppose, but nothing compared to the $140 direct flight I got coming over…. one of those random thoughts/observation days, so bear with me while I ramble:

Have just finished reading Roald Dahl’s autobiographies (2). Despite his fame as children’s writer, neither of these books contained any recollectionof his years/experiences as writer, instead he recalled in disturbing detail his childhood days and English boarding school and his fascinating career as pilot in the RAF during WWII. Was a great read and am really starting ot like autobiographies. Raffi's was also v. interesting and inspiring..Raffi teh Children's musician that is.

OK, since on the subject of literature must mention something I read in the Metro yesterday. The Metor is free newspaper which I get everyday fromm young lad just outside McDonald's (yes, same one that Miss MacPahil showed her true colours in frontof). ANyway, teh paper is mediocre read (sidenote - there are v. few quality newspapres over here..back home many of them would have the saem readers as MAxim if you get my point).In any case, there is a section in the paper for readers to send in comments, questions, etc. Is not to comment on news items, but to ask questions like: Where are allthe good men in Edinburgh? or If mothsw like light so much why do they only come out in the dark? There are also quite often insults thrown back and forth between Edinburghers and Glaswegians.. to my slightly interesting story. Yesterday Ed From Edinburgh enquired as to whether he should be calling people from Canada Americans or French. I was momentarily insulted, but pretty sure he was being cheeky/smart with query. today the Metor had created a section entitled Oh Canada, with responses to Ed's query. All were from Canadians and all of them were way too serious..answering in detail and being rather defensive.

Well no wonder people like to take the piss out of Canadians...sometimes we are just a bit too senstive about the whole thing. I liked Keri's email resposne (which didn't make it to print..yet) It went something like: 'Funy, because I have the same problem figuring out whether to call people from Scotland Irish or English..' ANd that's the way it should be done...cheekiness returned with equally cheeky remark.

Last night I took a boxercise class and now I am so very keen on taking up boxing..minus the actual contact. What a fab way to get out frustrations of the day while also getting a workout!

Saw The Stepford Wives..weird movie, personally believe it was a waste of talent. It could have been better.

It is the last week of Big Brother. Thank goodness. Honestly I can stand bad t.v. once a week..but once a night..for an hour!?!?! And Jen has hopped on the BB bandwagon.. Sigh..perhaps I should just give in to horrible T.V. and spend my time watching other people do outrageous things for attention...


Anonymous said...

I agree, the Rhold Dahl autobiography is an excellent read. I remember enjoying it immensely. If you're interested he has also written a few books for adults which you might find rather entertaining. Can't remember any titles though.

Don't give in to the bad TV watching epidemic. It might have a detrimental effect on your creativity including entertaining blog writings


Anonymous said...

I could come up with some good stuff for that paper... Don't mess with Canadians (Jen could be our poster girl).


Jen said...

Am I developing a reputation?? As an overly-sensitive Canadian, I take offense to that ;)

Maybe I'll become John Mayer's bodyguard. Then my job would be keeping Raeanne off him.


Anonymous said...

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