Sunday, August 01, 2004

OK... so 6 jars of Peanut Butter, 3 bags of Rockets (aka Smarties in America), 2 bags of gummy red fish, a bag of tootsie rolls and a a bag of screaming sour wormies later and I am pretty sure my whole 'healthy eating' plan is back on hiatus..come to think of it, am pretty sure its been permanately on hiatus since I arrived in Europe. In any case, must admit I was more than slightly shocked dand pleasantly surprised (as were flatmates) to open parcel from Uncle MIke that contianed a YEAR's supply of good ol' American peanut butter and plenty of candyjust to be sure my will power is broken. I'd like to say it is a year's worth of candy too, but truth is it'll be lucky to survive two weeks in presence of Candyaholic (refuse to dub myself by name Becky Rogers tagged me with). Oh..on slightly disturbing note, I think customs must have opened my package of sinful foods because one bag of rockets/smarties was completely opened as was the box of sour squirmies.... Yep cocaine laden candy...right up there with cocaine laden chippy burgers eh Keri? aside from excitement re: food (and I must apologise if I talk too much about food, I simply can't help myself is EVERYWHERE!) we had a Fabulous weekend! See recap below:

Friday - Folllowing a rigourous work out at the gym, Jen & I got ready to hit the town. The Plan - A Bar Crawl! Was feeling particularly daring/in need of attention so decided to wear...a SKIRT. Yeppers...and this time I took the leap from trainers to Jen's Freaking Fabulous Black Boots! Oh, I was HOT! Or so Jen says..but she may be just a wee bit the boots of course and the candy I keep on giving her. Anyway, we headed over to the Old Town first to a bar called the TRon, just off the Royal Mile. It was one of our friend's work leaving dos so we popped in, caught up with her, drank a wee bit and then headed across the street to CITY CAFE..which didn't really seem to have much of a cafe atmosphere to me ...more like laid-back, pre-clubbing bar with many men and cheap shots...which Jen & I took advantage of. (the shots that is) but the night was passing too quickly and we still had to 'DO' Filthy McNasty's. I figured it was time to return... And,as it turns out , our absence had been noticed by Don (The karaoke guy) and two of the bartenders. Oh Yeah...Canada is Back ;) Rounded off the night at the Walk About, then crawled home..literally (OK..maybe not literally, but I could have made it faster by getting on my knees) . Um, yeah Jen's boots RULE, but practical they are not and my feet were in an abhorrent state by the time we finally arrived back at the flat. back to the trainers and trousers for more skirts or showy shoes for this shanadian. GEez I love alliteration. but the HIGHLIGHT of the weekend was most definitely last night, when we had our flat warming! Canada, quite frankly, ruled the do..with other nations representing Scotland, Ireland, England and the States. There was food galore, there was drink galore.Drink of choice for me was vodka, but somehow I moved on to Spiced rum & coke quite was a gift from the Aberdeen girls which was much appreciated last night, but may have had something to do with the I experienced early this morning. is not a good idea to drink loads of liquor, eat loads of food then go dancing and jump around for a long time. Anyway, we did karaoke at the local pub (JEn & I dueted to December '63...better knwonw as Oh What a Night and Sex Bomb). We eventually made our way to the Walk About where, in my opninon, the Highlight of the evning was had (BTW..JEn was also wearing a highlighter coloured top which RULED and I was wearing RED pants!!!..she is rubbing off on figurative way only). it was getting near the end of the night and this song which I can't hum for you because I am only blogging came on ...but trust me it was a good song and the lyrics went something like' singing hot hot hot, ole ole' Well in any case I had brilliant idea that we should do a LOVE TRAIN...I whispered/shouted my idea into JEn's ear..'let's do a love train'. She shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to lead us in the most fabulous Luv Train... WE got EVERYBODY on the dance floor to was outrageously fun. After that we went to a night club just round the corner and it all gets bit fuzzzy from thereon in....but I knwo we were home at a decent enough time and I am not feeling too bad today..not bad at all looking forward to more gatherings at the was nice to have people over to 'OUR PLACE' other news...I have become a volunteer. It isn't really in my nature to volunteer...not that I don't believe volunteering is worthwhile, but for whatever reason haven't really done much of it. In fact teh only thing I can recall volunteering for was the Co-op COmmittee..and that was AFTER I was finished being a co-op student..go figure. ANd now I had ot leave Canada before I would volunteer again. Right, so am volunteering at Fringe Sunday which is this free event in the Meadows (huge park) on August 15 where performers at Fringe FEstival can showcase their acts..there are over 200 performances adn over 20,000 visitors expected. SHOudl eb a crazy day..I am helping with registration....we get a free t-shirt lunch & post-event party in return for our efforts... need money in a big way. Coming home for Christmas is going to kill me financially. $1000 + forfeited wages, but I suppose I will find a way to do it. At least MOm seems to have faith I will..she seems to think I have this know-how that works wonders in finding cheap things..personally I am not so confident in my abilities this time around and aside from going via cargo I've not figured out a plan. ANybody have any ideas??????? All suggestions much appreciated!

K..must go do some flight searching and then get my butt in gear for a good ol jog

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