Thursday, July 29, 2004

I suck. Yesterday was the 24th birthday of one of my closest friends and I didn’t send her a birthday card..not even an e-card. Nor did I phone her with Happy Birthday wishes. Or bake her a cake, which is my fav way to say ‘Happy Birthday’! In my defense I did not have her mailing address despite asking several times for it in the past weeks and I didn’t have access to a telephone that I could make international phone calls on. But I still feel terribly bad for my failure to communicate in one way or another that I want her to have a wonderful 24th year.. So I will do so now in attempt to make up for my inexcusable ways…


Here’s hoping your day was filled with copious amounts of sinful food (cause I know how much you enjoy the occasional overindulgence), lots of laughs and v ‘special’ treatment (as everyone deserves it on their b’day).  May the upcoming year bring you continued happiness, new adventures and the chance to visit Scotland!!!!  Please, please send me your address and I will post you yummy Scottish treats (mind out of in kilts CAN NOT be sent abroad…food and souvenirs can though!)

OK – as for the rest of the stor (ie..the weekend past)..well am just going to have to give up on writing up the long version….v. short on blogging time this week as am trying to make pans for three trips abroad, plan flat party and keep in correspondence with people who are emailing me…not that there are many of you (hint hint to countless persons who believe one way communication is satisfactory to both parties) here is recap of the weekend (apologies for overlap in details with previous blog posts): We did lots of driving, saw many gorgeous sights, ate copious amounts of sinful food, stayed at fab hostel on the Loch Ness, drove thru Glasgow, determined our theme song for all of eternity (thanks to NOW 32 tape Keri picked up at Car Boot sale), spent loads of money , bought bargain tix for Fringe Festival and basically had a ball. OH..and did I mentio the best part (for me anyway)..a SURPRISE visit to my friend Pam in Pitlochry..she’d just arrived home from Oz (via Thailand) the day was looking v. tanned! Had been just about one year ago that I’d visited her in Scotland and we’d toured around Scotland listening to JT and being oh so cool in her dad’s company van!

Phew..there am caught up..if you really want the long version check out Jen’s Blog. If you want complete absence of any version check out Keri’s blog….

So this week has been pretty quiet as we are prepping for a bit of a do on the weekend..our flat warming party. Not sure who is coming, but I really rea,lly think we should invite our next door neighbours ….

Speaking of birthday is in a mere 12 days…August 10 to be exact. Oh and did I mention my  new address is

4 H Canon Street
Edinburgh, SCOTLANDEH3 5HE

I finally received Peanut Butter from America…some one (bless their soul) is lookingout for me and responding to blog pleas. Uncles from Arizona rule… get on with the emailing bit of my lunch…yep, that’s right I spend my entire lunch hour blogging and emailing y’all…am just that committed!


Jen said...

Picked up your package... is quite big and heavy and I am very curious!

See my blog re job update :~(

Anonymous said...

thank you for your b'day wishes shannon, but I'm only 23 ! :)

Anonymous said...

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